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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Radical Life Changes

Radically changing your life is an act of courage (or it got so bad that not doing so is no longer an option).

It has a lot to do with your threshold for change. Is change stimulating and invigorating to you? So much that you easily crave and go for it? Or are you more someone who enjoys being settled, and once settled, it is very difficult to see change as tempting and desirable - even if you’re miserable? Or somewhere in between. Furthermore, it has plenty to do with how much is at stake. What do you have to gain and what do you have to lose?

When it gets to a point where it looks as though it could only be better and what you presently have is already unbearable, making a change not only becomes a calling but also a push. However, we may be disoriented and unable to tell exactly what direction to take - which can end badly. So it is extremely important to set yourself up for solutions rather than distractions or, god forbid, destruction.

If you were given the chance to be reborn, letting go of some things and bringing with you some others, what kind of life would like to have? Is that a life that would please you? Would it bring you closer to your aspirations? Is it ultimately worthwhile? Visualizing what is or could be next, also breaking it down on paper, can help you determine what should be done. But beware that the future is never completely guaranteed. It is something of a risk. Although, it is more about opening yourself up to opportunities that you are much less likely to have if you remain stuck in the same old. Or to merely have the freedom to choose from then on.

It can indeed be stressful and overwhelming, terrifying too. Adapting and evolving to go through and fit into different situations can take time and other resources. It is understandable why stagnation is so commonplace. You might not feel and/or think yourself prepared and capable of handling all of it. And you might have to take a leap of faith, lest you continue to forever dwelling on how suited you are.

For some, charging forward and figuring it out afterward is what works best for them. For others, figuring it out as they go. And for the rest, figuring it out beforehand and then taking it on. Which category do you most fall into? Whichever it is, it is not barred from achieving it.

The question is: Do you need and want to radically change your life? And if so, are you willing to do what it takes?