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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sexuality, Sensuality, Seduction

This topic goes in and out of being taboo. But at some point, it has to be pondered.

It is not uncommon for sexuality, sensuality, and seduction to find an outlet in art. And as natural as that is, with the universe and life expressing itself through us, it can still be met with resistance and rejection. And that is natural, too. There are numerous reasons for it.

As with other aspects of your work, they are not guaranteed to be welcomed by everyone. And in this case, in particular, it is a significantly risky and delicate matter. So it can require solid confidence to pull off and not be too shaken by its reception. As well as making sure that it is appropriate for the age range that it is directed at and the place(s) it will be at. Plus, it helps to be tasteful enough with it.

Nevertheless, while you can harmlessly explore and experiment with sexuality, sensuality, and seduction in works of art, it is important to note that the same harmlessness may not be returned to you. These are components that can evoke extremely intense reactions - against and in favor. And it is not too unlikely to arouse forms of obsession, too - to stop you or to keep you going.

If this is something that you will choose to do with your art, proceed with caution. Check your levels of comfort with it. You could try stepping out of your comfort zone to see if something goes with you and suits you. But if upon a few tries you are still uncomfortable, then it could be a sign to give it up. Some people are more open and inclined to share these sides of themselves than others, so it is more fulfilling and worthwhile to them. And if that is not you, that is okay. Furthermore, you may be getting ahead of yourself rather than honoring your pace, and that is why it doesn’t feel quite right although it eventually might.

Overall, the problematic implications of it are innumerable and debatable. Venturing and threading into this isn’t without its challenges. But if you are a responsible and sensible adult, then you can manage to take your chances.

Points on Appeal

 #1  Only a few things can appeal to everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better or worse than other things that only appeal to a majority, to a minority, and what is in between. And what seems to appeal to no one, may just not be in its time or place. 

 #2  By recognizing and playing to your greatest attributes, you gain an advantage that you would otherwise miss by downplaying them and trying to play up others that seem more appealing.

 #3  If you don’t know what is appealing about you or your work, search for it or make it from scratch.

 #4  If you do know what is appealing about you or your work, it makes sense to pay close attention to it and further refine it.

 #5  What is appealing about something or someone is not always blatantly obvious, it can be subtle - subdued even. Possibly leading to wonder what it is about them.

Who Do You Attract and Repel?

Is there something wrong with you, causing you to attract the people that you do? Or quite the contrary? What is happening exactly?

You may fall under the impression or hold the belief that one attracts people who are like themselves. And there is truth in that, but it doesn’t end there. It is not that simple, it is more complicated than that.

You are a multifaceted person, capable of giving to others and capable of taking from others. And you will attract givers and takers, people who seek to complement you, people who seek to be complemented by you, and people who seek both. Depending on what you are abundant of and what you are in lack of, as well as how much access there is to either, you will attract them - for a wide range of motivations and intentions.

Furthermore, there are ways in which you will repel them. Mostly, your standards and your boundaries will keep people away. Those who don’t meet your standards and/or would rather trespass your boundaries. Whether they’re reasonably placed or not, is another matter.

You will also repel people who are not ready or who prefer not to receive from or give to you. If you make a want or a need known, you might scare away a few. And if you make an offer known, you might also scare away a few. However, this is all part of the process of finding who you can vibe with, with whom you can be in a mutually beneficial relationship with. And seeing who is only passing by, not meant to be close to you.

In general, people look for complements, or they look for similars, or they look for opponents. When they are looking for complements, consciously or not, they will be drawn to what can be shared - whether that is resources, growth, or something else. When they look for similars, they’re looking for easygoingness, something that won’t shake them up too much, something that they can flow with without too many ups and downs or surprises. When they look for opponents, they may be on a path of self-destruction (yet, destruction precedes creation), or they may be on a path of growth - aggressive, violent, radical growth.

What you reveal about yourself, or what is obvious or can be sensed or intuited, determines then what type of people will come into your life. And you can exactly pinpoint why they’re there if you pay close attention and get enough hints and clues for it. This will also lead you to get to know yourself better. Maybe there are aspects and details about yourself that you overlooked but others noticed. So it is an opportunity to take a look at yourself and see what is attracting or repelling different people.

We come into this world with gifts and may be fated to do a number of things while we’re here. And through the people that you attract or repel, you can come to realize what those things are, to lean on your gifts and your fate.

If you usually attract sick people, maybe you’re a healer. If you usually attract unsure people, maybe you're a sage. If you usually attract vulnerable people, maybe you’re a champion. If you’re currently attracting particularly kind and cruel people, then maybe you’re at a low point in your life or struggling in some way. And so on across countless dimensions of who you are and where you’re at.

Points on Radiance

 #1  If you are a being of light, you will inevitably irritate those who carry darkness that they’d rather not acknowledge. They will resist your illumination and even fight against it. 

 #2  Being luminous is a lonely, difficult, and hard job. Especially if you are surrounded by people who would rather remain blind. 

 #3  Your radiance may evoke envy and more. You may be tempted to tone it down. But this does a disservice to you and to others who would instead be inspired by it.

 #4  Your glow comes from genuine traits, values, principles, and other qualities that you possess, whether learned or inherited. As you heal, develop and evolve, you will emanate more light.

 #5  Some of the worst people come into your life when you’re at your best and brightest. And if you’re careful, they will bring you down with them. These are takers that approach while you’re being a giver, or simply seen as such or capable of such.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Cancer's Basics

Transit Date: Late June.
Starting Summer.

Position: 4th.
Element: Water.
Quality: Cardinal.

Symbolized by: The Crab.
Typically Associated with: Home, family, nurture. 

At Best: Protective and caring.
At Worst: Territorial and reactive.

For context and more of relevance, please read about The Zodiac.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Making Content Nowadays

If you have things you’d like to show or to say, making content, for current platforms and audiences, ahead are a few points to consider, keep in mind, and/or apply:

• I wish I could tell you that it is for everyone, but I don’t believe that. Especially as a full-time job. However, if sharing your input or what you can bring with others is something that fulfills you, you can definitely do it to the degree that suits you.

• Figure out what your Thing™ (or niche) is. Ideally, something you’re naturally inclined to and don’t get as easily bored of. If there is a single thing that you can focus on, and that is in high demand and low offer, that isn’t a passing trend, consider yourself fortunate and go for it. But it’s okay to have two or even three combined, especially if they complement each other in some way. More than that, it is not advisable, though can at times work. In any case, there is plenty that can come out of an area or mission.

• Pick a name. And at the very least, check to see if there’s a .com domain available for it (and purchase it, they usually start at US$12 per year). Make it something you can gladly stick with, but don’t worry too much about it. It can be changed in the future if necessary, although it has its cons.

• A tagline is optional, but can be useful to quickly and concisely encompass and display to others what you are and will be about.

• Get a website. It doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, in most cases, simple is better. And these days you can easily build your own with free or affordable templates. It can be with blogging products and services that allow enough customization. Check to see what is most convenient for you.

• Whether you’re a designer or not, you can have a say on your color scheme and the overall look and feel of your site and brand. Find or put together a color palette you can vibe with (darkest color, lightest color, in between colors). Pick up to 5 different fonts you can use (for titles, subtitles, regular text (this should be particularly legible), and more). Grab a personalizable logo or commission a unique one.

• Everything is multimedia now - if you want to get reach. This is a blessing and a curse. But even if you prefer text only, it is not the end of the world for you. You just need a decent smartphone and to get into the habit of snapping pictures and capturing footage. Slap the text over them if that is all that you can bring yourself to do. Canva and Clipchamp are handy tools that won’t consume you too much and still deliver. And if somebody tries to give you a hard time over the “low effort”, remember that readers also scroll down and swipe sideways through images and videos, and often enjoy a break from all the sensory stimulation. If you want to take it further than that, more power to you, but don’t force yourself to get it all perfect and grandiose from the beginning.

• BAD NEWS: If you think underground sassy mean girls and violent wild gangs are bad, get ready for something you might find even more insufferable. “Nice” people who will do anything in their hands to save face. Sounds harmless but they can get under your skin or make you waste a ton of time and energy, keeping you distracted while they delay or even sabotage your progress. All the while, they continue to make progress themselves.

• GOOD NEWS: Not everyone is like that. There are still real people out there who have others’ best interests at heart. They’re just less likely to show up as ‘suggested’ if you’re stuck on the side of the vain and shallow overachievers, with the algorithms constantly feeding you more of that.

• Be mindful of what you post. Not only for your safety, but also for your success. Unethical practices abound all around. Be steps ahead.

• If you’re used to tight-knit groups or communities full of solidarity, you’ve had it wonderful. But that is something that you cannot expect from everyone you will encounter. Many are primarily incentivized by profit and will only see you as competition, as a stepping stone, or as a threat, though they may pretend otherwise.

• Maintain a private or lowkey space for yourself if that is something that you enjoy or that keeps you centered and balanced. Making your entire existence belong to the public can have destructive effects on you.

There are plenty of sources available that can help you out if you get lost or discouraged, you just have to look for them. And I’ll be here, slowly but surely (unless I die, become severely ill, am kidnapped, etc.), continuing to post content that could be of aid in certain aspects. Expanding and elaborating more on all of this.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Putting your All into your Work

How intense is too intense? Should you really be cutting down and softening your edge? If you’re upsetting, unsettling, stressful, overwhelming, and more through your art, is that a sign to adopt moderation?

There are different answers for different circumstances and situations, but it definitely isn’t universal that your much is too much. Even when, indeed, there is objectively a lot to handle, it is still relative to the recipient’s capacity to handle it. Whether because they are currently occupied enough or because, by default, they don’t have a large threshold for what you’re bringing. 

And that’s not necessarily something to look down on others for. It is what it is. Some people have a high tolerance for a certain thing, while some people have a low tolerance for that same thing, and all that’s in between.

Being such, you must instead ask yourself what is truly important. Is the value you bring worth it? Even if not to everyone? What is poison to some, is medicine to others. And even medicine can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, painful also.

But the universe, the world, people, and yourself alone are enormous if you really look. You are free to choose which aspects and layers of yourself or of anything to reveal and share and, realistically, it can’t be all at once. However, be careful not to limit yourself into a miniscule fraction out of fear of offending and displeasing others. At least not if your aim is to make art.

Art, first and foremost, is there, with its numerous mediums, styles, and techniques, to serve as an outlet for what makes up life, in all its glory and splendor, as well as that which is not so admirable. Art is exploration, experimentation, experience, exposition and explanation. Less than that doesn’t make it full justice.

Yet, being able to take the time, energy, and resources to work on a piece of art of that degree is a luxury that few can afford or sacrifice for. Nevertheless, you can aspire to push the boundaries of what you can do at a rate that suits you.

Points on Substance

  #1  Using formulas and recipes to make art can result in something leaving much to be desired if not complemented with more of substance.

 #2  Having first-hand experience and being personally touched and moved by a topic or matter gives you plenty to extract from and put into your work. Hence, being open to experiences is usually advisable to artists.

 #3  Providing your own views, interpretations, and insight adds additional dimensions to your work and takes it closer to being unique.

 #4  Confessional and expressive works can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. But they’re some of the best for resonating and connecting with others on deeper levels. Potentially helping them heal, too.

 #5  Actively and regularly feed your mind, your heart, and your spirit with raw and great stuff. That’s the stuff to fill your work with.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Releasing Inhibitions and Becoming Comfortable

Are you holding back? Shrinking down? Dimming your light? Trying to fit in where you don’t belong? That’s just the way of life. Or is it not?

There is truth in the saying that, to survive, one must adapt. But this isn’t always the case. You may be giving up too soon by choosing to appease an environment instead of taking up space in it or, if that cannot be done or is not worthwhile, finding or building ones that allow you to better exist. Where you can be yourself while still on the road to improvement.

It can be difficult to begin, however, especially if you happen to be relatively unusual as a person or ironically ended up surrounded by people significantly different from you, where you’re not quite understood or appreciated and expectations are placed upon you that stifle you. You may have become extremely self-conscious, filled with shame and guilt, over things that might not be as big of a deal as they were made out to be.

Maybe you became your own worst critic, too. By internalizing harsh and undue criticisms that came your way. It is as if they repeat themselves over and over again. And now you find yourself needlessly worried or even hating yourself. And maybe a part of you still knows that they shouldn’t be given such importance. Yet, people do. So, consequently, they matter.

But that’s the thing. It is on you to advocate for yourself - continually. Because you will keep encountering people that, whether out of ignorance or malice, will find fault in you over trivial or even valuable things. You can respond, out loud or in silence, depending on what’s most favorable, with the facts. There is somebody claiming that you’re too this or too that? That’s their view, influenced by their interests and preferences, perhaps their prejudices too. It isn’t necessarily correct or close to an objective reality. And maybe you are, a bit too this or too that. But then, so what? Is it really such a problem?

If traits and aspects of you are indeed a problem that should be solved or fixed, that is for you to recognize and tend to within your means, at a reasonable pace that you can adopt. Everything else is what makes you, you. And you’d be depriving those that seek or yearn for somebody like you by hiding and suppressing yourself.

To genuinely resonate and connect with others, you must drop the act. Not everybody will like and welcome the real you but, if it is a lost cause, that only redirects you to someone else that might. Furthermore, by allowing yourself to simply be, you give others permission to do the same. And soon enough, you’ve contributed to forming an atmosphere of authentic expression, where you can feel free and relaxed.

There are those that demand “perfection” to a suffocating degree. That may change or not. But then there are those that are immensely relieved where “imperfections” have room to be.

Points on Confidence

 #1  You cannot lie your way into being truly confident. True confidence must be based on truth. If you minimize others’ qualities and virtues while aggrandizing your own, or generally refuse to see things as they are, you are merely feeding delusion and will remain defensive against what could trigger your insecurities.

 #2  Preparation and acceptance are the foundation of confidence. To push but also come to terms with your limits, making your best good enough and acknowledging that.

 #3  Lack of confidence may seem harmless, and it often is, but some of the most toxic and destructive behaviors, to self and to others, can arise from insecurities. 

 #4  There is such a thing as being arrogant or cocky, or simply overconfident. But a lot of the time, people will try to humble you for no reason other than to pull you down to their level or below - whether they’re aware of it or not, and whether out of concern for you or for themselves.

 #5  Building up your confidence can save you from indulging and tolerating subpar conditions and situations. When you are confident, standing up for yourself, raising standards, and setting boundaries come naturally.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Yes, I like Money.

I'm giving into a supernatural pressure I'm sensing to speak about money sooner than later. Something I had programmed to cover more extensively in December. But long story short: 

I used to be hyper-independent and prideful and wouldn't accept money from anyone unless it was clearly earned transactionally. However, this was a self-preserving response to toxic and harmful behaviors I had encountered that wounded me. (Manipulative/coercive/humiliating stuff.)

I healed from that. I'm still wary about receiving money from people as gifts, but I don't immediately turn it down or get offended like before. I just need to be sure that it is freely given in goodwill and that it is not putting a strain on the person. 

In this case, I'd be deeply grateful. I've received a few donations already (TYSM Tumblr mutual 😭💛) that I haven't yet properly shouted out. They meant A LOT to me, though. One of the first ones literally had me uncontrollably crying in public as though it purged misery out of me that I wasn't fully aware I had buried. It came at a time when I was feeling a tad too exploited while trying to be tough about it. The following ones have put me and kept me in a state of relief and tranquility that I immensely appreciate. So, no, it's not just money.

That said. I don't expect money from everyone who has it. I only demand it when people are making me go out of my way, draining my resources, or getting me invested with false claims or promises. Don't want that ugly side of me? Avoid these unless you're ready to compensate proportionally.

As for the jobs I'm offered, I'm extremely busy nowadays, running low on both energy and time. I only accept jobs that are incredibly easy for me to do or even feel like a break (e.g. home & pet sitting) with generous pay. I know it sounds spoiled and entitled, but my focus is currently on my own projects. And fortunately, I can still afford that.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Summer Season

In June, get ready to welcome the arrival of Summer!

Summer is the second season in the cycle. Considered a season of vibrance. 
It is when the sun shines brightest and the heat shoots up, 
calling for a break from strict routines to venture out, 
be refreshed and soothed, and make the most of it with various different activities. 
You could resist it and be frustrated, or you could give in and have a blast.

During this season, we are prompted to let go of inhibitions and have fun.