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I'm not a master and I’m not quite used to the term expert, but I’m definitely into art and sharing what I’ve learned so far. I am not aspiring to influence others to shape themselves the way I am shaping myself, I am only contributing my knowledge and skills to the world through my content by being me; everyone is unique and we all can learn from each other. Also, I may be mistaken and am open to revising. I don't always mean every single word I say or message I convey as I at times am animated, kidding, and/or upset. Yet, I’ll try my best to treat serious matters seriously and retract myself if due.

Furthermore, I may examine concepts with an open mind but it does not necessarily mean that I approve of them and what they entail. And while you may encounter child-like content on this site, be aware that topics and themes here can range from the most innocent and wholesome to the most perverse and scarring ones. Nevertheless, no illegal, immoral, unethical, or otherwise needlessly damaging actions are encouraged here – material of such natures may simply be looked into and portrayed. Certain content might also be especially unpleasant or even disturbing. In extreme cases, warnings will be placed upfront. Additionally, controversial stances and opinions may be taken and expressed. In other words, this site, in its entirety, is not meant for everyone although it contains projects that, on their own, are completely family-friendly (and might be published separately for all audiences).