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I’m an artist living in the tropic, approaching my interests as a student, a teacher, and a practitioner, currently working on a few projects.

I'm ‘maladjusted’ and defiant. I seek and form myself in and with everything. I go through life looking for different ways to see and do things. I aim to continue expanding, polishing, and evolving my worldview for as long as I'm here. What works right matters to me, and to get closer to this I quest for freedom, truth, and beauty (as I am able to perceive it). I'm inevitably introspective and imaginative, so anything can matter (sometimes a bit too much). At the same time, my inner child is alive and I intend to keep it this way! Furthermore, after experiencing the pros and cons of different locations, building, maintaining, and having a space that’s comfortable and secure for me to live in, work and rest, is a priority so that I can keep developing as who I am and am meant to become.

In this space, I convey, transform, and collect my experiences and observations as I attempt to take them all in with curiosity and fascination. I love sharing my findings and works, as well as all that holds significance and meaning to me. And at times, I simply need to put my inner processes out there to get them out of my system. This place is my own little bubble with interchangeable glasses to look through.

After many years of exploring and experimenting with art and more, it finally came to my attention that “Unbridling and Sustaining Artistic Abilities” is what I’m always doing and can always do. Therefore, it is decidedly my niche and what I will commit and devote to. Various topics are tied to this and you will find me covering them here through different types of media: text, graphics, illustrations, photos, audio, and videos.

My name is Pía Mota. I’m a work-from-home artist who’s also a b/vlogger. I’m a female (although nonconforming to strict gender roles) born in 1986 (a millennial). I live on a Caribbean island (it has its pros and cons) in Latin America, called the Dominican Republic. I’m staying in a small town, La Romana, and regularly visit the main city, Santo Domingo. I have a few causes I fight for that I’d consider fair and reasonable (I’m not into radical extremism nor into being neutral in the face of injustice).

You can learn more about me, this space, and its subjects by sticking around to read related posts or by asking me.