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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Types of Bosses you will Encounter as an Artist

As an artist, and in other roles too, there are different types of people that you will encounter. They may prove to be anywhere from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable to you. Here are only a few (more might be added in the future). Not necessarily in descending order from best to worst, but grouped by how recommendable they are or not to be invested in. And under this category, as bosses.

• The Faithful
Complete faith in you. They will entrust you with plenty of resources and also important matters, believing that you are capable and responsible. And even if you aren’t quite so, you might end up becoming it to not let them down. There might be some indifference involved on their part, not having much to lose, but it’s just as possible that they are indeed that confident, despite the risks, that you can and will handle it properly.

• The Aware
As conscious as they come. They are cognizant of actions and their consequences, what things entail and imply, which factors to consider and which are affecting the process and the result, how much potential there is, and how to fulfill it. They might know you better than you do and anticipate your needs and wants so that it all runs smoothly.

• The Accommodating
Willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re fine. They make it a priority to provide you with what you require to do your best, aiming to boost your performance. Whatever is keeping you from being more productive or from making the most out of your abilities, they will take care of. You will run out of excuses.

• The Buddy
By your side. They may lead, direct, and correct you along the way, but as someone that walks with you rather than ahead of you. They don’t rejoice in being your superior and rarely act in ways that would remind you that they are. Threatening and disciplining you are the last resort. They’d rather have it loose and amicable unless a more intense and serious approach is required.

• The Clumsy
Not the most competent around. May have to pick up after them or even do their job at times. It’s extra work but it could be worse. They may be trying but failing to gracefully tend to their duties. And if that’s the case, they’ll recognize your assistance and possibly be embarrassed by their shortcomings.

• The Stifling
Getting in your way. Whether it is through pessimism, catastrophizing, micromanaging, strictness, or something else. You are unable to function optimally because of their behavior and would have to verbalize this and ask them for room to maneuver.

Not Recommendable
• The Unaccountable
Not to be blamed. It’s never their fault, it’s yours - or someone or something else’s. They can be convincing and deflect as often as it is convenient to them. If you’re not alert and firm in the truth, you’ll believe there is something wrong with you or with others while continuing to be confused and unable to pinpoint what’s happening. Yet, continual exposure to this can leave anyone disoriented.

• The Tyrant
Enslaving and cruel. You owe them everything, they owe you little (or nothing at all). May keep you as an intern and make you do unrelated chores that you did not sign up for, for as long as they can get away with it. Pay is the bare minimum or below that. And don’t you dream about getting a raise. Complaining can get you fired on the spot.

• The Brute
Doesn’t get it. Claims that you’re oversensitive and that you should toughen up. Treats your job like labor that is void of intellectual and emotional elements. Expects you to just comply and deliver on command, repeatedly and with few to no breaks. Puts you in detrimental habitats and cannot grasp why your performance is so low.

• The Egotistical
It’s not about the work, it’s about them. Their power and their status are what drive them. They’ll look down on you and expect you to look up to them. Not doing so will be taken as a major offense. They surround themselves with those who flatter them and agree with them and will easily discard those that don’t. They haven’t quite earned respect but demand it.

Alternatively, as a boss, do you see yourself among the Not Recommendable or the Tolerable/Manageable and don’t like it? Start/keep working on your improvement.