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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Personal Development: 5 Traits to Stand Out

Many can get by and even get far with only one or two of these traits. But the more you have (and the higher they are), the better. These are traits that can help you excel and maintain your position in demanding situations. They are also traits that you can, on certain occasions, lean on when falling short in other aspects.

• Reliability
This means no lies, no false promises, no faking for convenience, but showing up as someone who can be counted on and being so. In this same vein, no flaking if you can help it. Drop excuses. This might mean that you will have to get it together and become stable enough to be firm and supportive. Avoid offering more than you can or will deliver. People tend to appreciate being told just how much they can expect from you rather than be left hanging for something that never came, even if it's not as exciting. 

• Accountability
Guilt, shame, ego and all that it comes from it can get in the way of being accountable for yourself - of recognizing, admitting, correcting, and compensating for your mistakes and shortcomings, as well as your wrongdoings. Ironically, it is often assumed that this will cause you to lose respect but, in front of respectable people, it is quite the opposite. Because they can already see how you're failing and they're waiting to see if you'll see it too and do something about it or not. And being in denial after it is brought to your attention will make it even worse. Furthermore, accountability puts you on a path of constant improvement that pushes you forward.

• Trustworthiness
What are your values and principles? Have you thoroughly revised them to properly form the beliefs that you're guided by? Do you believe in honesty, sincerity, genuineness, and authenticity but at the same time know that things aren't always black and white and certain circumstances require you to reason beyond them in order to do what's right? Can you abide by what you've sworn or are you tempted to betray? How able are you to say no when you should?

• Craftmanship
Of course, competency matters too. You must strive to do your job well and continue to take it to the next level. Although it is important to have virtues outside of this, you're likely to be forgiven much if what you do is done so well that it's worth it. It is not that you can't ever take it easy or be simple about it, but that you have and meet high-quality standards when you ought to. What these are depends on the purpose of what you do, so they may or may not be as evident and wildly differ. Tend to minute but significant details even when they're overlooked.

• Solidarity
Some may call it naivety, but it is essential for coexistence and existence in general. If you're only looking out for yourself, throwing others under the bus to get ahead, being no more than a leech whenever you can, not only will you be unlikeable (despite however you may try to mask it) but you'll also literally be a disease to the world or whatever environment you're in. And it's sad, but practicing solidarity isn't even as hard as others would attempt to convince you of. You can extend a hand in small ways, here and there, every now and then, and that's already working miracles. Be discerning and don't let others take advantage of you, but continue to assist.

Take a moment to reflect. What is lacking in you that could use some work? What can you work on personally developing now?

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

My Alter Ego (Or Just Younger Me)

Throwback to the version of me that got me accused of being a witch and hunted as one! This was as much of a troll as I've ever been. When I just went around doing whatever intrigued and fascinated me without pausing to explain any why or how. I still don't (and won't) explain myself at every step because then I would not get anything done (and it's not like I owe everyone all of my secrets either), but I at least bother to share a few things every now and then so I'm not constantly triggering people's fears and worries or letting their projections take over my reputation. I might still be paying karma for how I once delighted in making people confused. Yet, if you're an artist and that's your art, having disclaimers in the middle of it can break the immersion and defeat the purpose of the whole thing. Teachers teach, artists art. And sometimes art teachers do both.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Reminders for The Journey

Be sure to get rest and have your primary needs met. Life, the world, and everything will be heavier and more threatening otherwise. 
Have a clear vision and look ahead. You will be lost and vulnerable to others' wills and doubts if not. 
Make the time and space you require to make your art. Others cannot always guess and guard that for you. 
Look for what may be blessings in disguise. Often, God or the universe sends us aid in ways we may not expect or even like. And sometimes opportunities lie even in our enemies' attempts to deter or destroy us. 
Be careful what you wish for. The entire package it comes in could be more than you believe you signed up and are ready for. 
If you indeed are a good person aiming to do good, seek and maintain power. It is not only your right, but also your duty - as it will allow you to be and do more. 
Do not attach yourself to narratives, commit to truth instead. Upholding and holding onto illusions will not really solve the problem. 
Be reliable and reciprocal to genuine friends and allies. You wouldn't have come this far without them and you wouldn't get much further without them either. Plus, they deserve that and more.

Colors of The Realm

I have this since long ago. I should have posted it already. But here it is now. What started as a simple color palette for content categories became something much more nuanced, bursting with meaning and significance. And obviously, I don't own these colors, so me claiming them doesn't mean you're not allowed to make them a part of your work as well. I'd only ask you to honor their qualities when you can and wish to!

2024's To-Do List

I couldn't do everything I intended to last year, but maybe I'll have better "luck" with this one. I hope to experience unmeasurable inner peace by the end of it, having everything in place.

☐ Improve Site Layout
☐ Develop Mobile Versions
☐ Perfect Brand Kit
☐ Make Digital & Physical Products
☐ Complete 2nd Round Collections
☐ Showcase Variety of Artworks
(And bring back magic!)

☐ Restore
☐ Restore
☐ Restore

2024's Calendar

Here is my calendar. Above is what will persist throughout the years (in and out of my hands). Though I may eventually add more traditions to it to follow every year. Below are further additions to the months, specific to the current year, to keep track of or keep in mind. I will be adding more events as they come up. I intend to do my best to stick to it, but please forgive me if at any point I fail to do so! Life, after all, is unpredictable (and God laughs at our plans).

 Winter is Here.
 New Year.
 Entering Aquarius Alignment.
(Making preparations and getting ready.)
 On Netflix: Leave The World Behind. 🍿 
On Netflix: Sweet Home. 🍿 

 Winter Continues.
 Valentine's Day.
 Entering Pisces Alignment.
(Medical appointments, spa days, etc.)

 Spring is Coming.
 Entering Aries Alignment.
 Beginning of New Cycle.
(This is when "classes" really start.)

 Spring is Here.
 Entering Taurus Alignment.

 Spring Continues.
 Entering Gemini Alignment.

 Summer is Coming.
 Entering Cancer Alignment.

 Summer is Here.
 Entering Leo Alignment.

 Summer Continues.
 Entering Virgo Alignment.

 Autumn is Coming.
 Entering Libra Alignment.

 Autumn is Here.
 Entering Scorpio Alignment.

 Autumn Continues.
 Entering Sagittarius Alignment.
 Cultural Progress.
(Wrap on how culture seems to be doing at this point.)

  Birthday Month!   🎈
 Winter is Coming.
 Entering Capricorn Alignment.
 Rest, Recap & Resolutions.
(Well-earned break, letting go of the current year & looking forward to the next one.)

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Aquarius' Basics

Transit Date: Late January.
Middle of Winter.

Position: 11th.
Element: Air.
Quality: Fixed.

Symbolized by: The Waterbearer.
Typically Associated with: Genius, eccentricity, progress. 

At Best: Innovative and humanitarian.
At Worst: Aloof and indifferent.

For context and more of relevance, please read about The Zodiac.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Site Revisions

Quick update...

Focusing on detail-oriented tasks has been difficult for me lately, as I spent the past few months in emergency mode and cannot simply switch that off with a flick. But revising the site before the new cycle starts is still something I programmed myself to do and ought to do.

This was supposed to happen during December, but I've had to stretch it out across January and February as well. I've been looking into the articles I posted last year, which I had to rush, and correcting and completing them - bringing in graphics I left out and more. The empty pages and sections, too. I'm making content for them to have before the new cycle. But I'll have to leave the ones for artwork empty and fill them up throughout the year. And any code problems or broken links I find, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

This is me slowly but surely improving and enhancing UI/UX for y'all. I'll likely be doing this (and more if I can fit it in) during every end of the cycle. Yet, it is also possible that I'll be able to make some time for this through it, too.

For now, again, thank you for your patience with any errors or shortcomings you might have come across!

Friday, January 12, 2024

Online Shopping, an absolute necessity

So much coming this year, so many different things. But behind all of it, there’s this: Online Shopping.

I’m finally ready to accept my failures and my losses, to be able to look into what last year held and wholly accept it. Without resentment, just gratitude for what it did for me - which took me higher and further in ways I wasn’t even dreaming of. And here I am again; didn’t get everything I wanted, but got everything I needed. So now I can gladly start a new chapter.

And in this new chapter, I’ll probably be doing plenty of online shopping. To get exactly what I’m looking for or even to save some money - which I’m excited for but can’t guarantee I’ll always share about.

It was magical to me at the beginning and it still hasn’t lost its magic. Given that I happened to be born on an island and so much seemed so far away from me. I still remember how, as a kid, to get specific toys and games I saw on TV, I had to ask my uncle to hunt them down at stores in the US while he was there and wait months for him to return with them. So imagine what a gift it was for things to suddenly become so accessible to me. Books, electronics, supplies, and anything I required to pursue my interests, no matter how niche they were, all facilitated.

That’s one less thing to worry about in this endeavor of making content. And I finally stopped putting off opening up all these boxes. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Leave The World Behind (2023)

 I didn't plan ahead for it. But when the day came and the mood was right, I recalled this movie and wanted to watch it. And so I did. The first movie in the year 2024. It came out on Netflix on December 8th, 2023 (Happy Birthday to me, who loves this type of stories!), but I wasn't too late.

I had come across people speaking of it before, alarmed about the possibility of it not being so fictional after all. But at this point, I've already run through so many worst-case scenarios in my head that it wouldn't shock me. Still, I appreciate seeing it all play out like this, whether it holds any truths or not...

Monday, January 1, 2024

Welcome 2024!

So it’s here! Another brand new year to make plans and prepare for. You can start any time but starting along with the year can get us an extra boost.

Personally, I’d rather not jump into much action right away. Instead, the beginning is my time to make plans and preparations for what will be the rest of the year - or at least for what I intend it to be, which may or may not happen precisely the same. In my case, though, it is more productive to aim at and push toward something than not do so at all because the future is uncertain and there are no guarantees. If you know me already, you probably already know this.

I am excited for this year! I’ve done my part in putting things in place so that I can do more this year with more ease. This is a year I’ll take as the chance to, at last, revisit some of the works I’ve loved the most in the art realm and attempt to make some of the works I’ve yearned to someday do. I expect it to be very art-filled. And ideally, bring back more of the magic that was lost as the years went by.

I’m immensely grateful to those who’ve helped me get to this point, where I can do what fulfills me. I wish you all a great year in which you’ll make significant progress in the direction that best serves you!

New Year Celebration

In January, we celebrate the New Year!

Finally, the past is in the past.
This is a new beginning you can start fresh with.
Set some goals, make some plans,
and give yourself 12 months to do as much as you can for it.
There will be ups and downs and setbacks, but you've got this.