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Sunday, June 16, 2024

In Which Colors do you Look Your Best?

Did you know that you have a palette? Shocker. No, really, this fact can be overlooked. That based on the color of your skin, your hair, your eyes, and your lips, the colors that you wear may or may not go with you. They may enhance your features or detract from them. They can make you come alive - or not. Not really a matter of life or death, but worth knowing.

If you wish to engulf yourself in colors that go with you, you could guide yourself with color theory and the color wheel, looking for the same, similar, adjacent, or complementary colors to your palette. However, there are other ways to go around it.

A color system for this purpose has become popular lately. It is a system that determines which season of the year you "are". Spring, summer, autumn, or winter. As palettes, they all essentially contain the colors that are most prominent during such season in nature. For example, winter has black, white, and blue. And if you are what is considered a winter, put simply, then these colors would go with you.

Furthermore, there is the issue of metals. Are you gold or silver? Put on accessories and see what stands out as most flattering to you.

And last but not least. Are you low contrast or high contrast? How much contrast is there between the colors that make the totality of you? If you are low contrast, putting on colors that have low contrast between each other would go with you. If you are high contrast, then colors with high contrast.

It shouldn't limit you if you'd rather not play by these rules or break them, but it's useful to be aware of when you're swimming against the current or riding a wave.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI