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Sunday, June 30, 2024

How Much do Facial Expressions Say?

Continuing with body language, there are also facial expressions. They can be considered part of body language but there’s an emphasis on them as they are usually a main focus when we interact with others or observe them. Thus, we can more readily notice and recognize the expressions and have at least a vague idea about what they signify.

Often, however, they are attributed moods and qualities that are not necessarily present, since facial expressions, and the magnitude of them, can wildly vary from one person to another. One person’s extremely happy face could be another’s barely pleased one. One person’s deep concentration face could be another’s quite displeased one. And so on. So it is important to take into account how a person, in particular, tends to express their thoughts and feelings through their facial expressions if we are to make educated guesses on what it’s going on inside of them.

Are they angry, sad, disgusted, confused, pensive, surprised, excited, happy? To what extent? Is it a mix? How are they usually by default?

Many, in their ordinary dealings, for one reason or another, valid or not, attempt to mask what is truly happening with them by simulating expressions. A task some masterfully succeed at while others miserably fail at. The acting is poor. Or it just doesn’t add up. In some cases, they might secretly wish someone would notice without being too terribly obvious about it.

Again, though, for optimal results in acting, don’t just change what is outwardly presented, change what is occurring inwardly and let that emanate. So that even muscles you didn’t know would operate would accordingly. And use this power for good, not for evil. Or for art.

On the other side of it, being able to grasp what facial expressions signify helps you be more considerate and sensitive to others’ states while exchanging with or contributing to them. Although you might not always get it right (and you could ask to be sure) or be able to respond properly to them (but maybe another time you will).

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI