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Besides the specific credits listed under particular posts, or done separately as credits posts, general credits go to the following:

- The world and the universe; for being such an enormous and majestic mess of such a wide variety of things.
- Artists; for keeping me inspired through their works, feeding my mind, heart, and soul, and renewing my outlook with their fresh and unique perspectives and insight.
- Educators; for illuminating lectures and dynamic classes that leave me knowing more and eager to know more.
- Internet; for allowing me to research and exchange much in discussions and debates.
- Books, magazines, newspapers, and websites; for informing, elaborating, and clarifying several matters and issues.
- Movies and music; for presenting alternatives or what may have been overlooked, stimulating my thoughts and feelings, and energizing me.
- Games, toys, and other interactive applications; for motivating me to develop abilities in fun and challenging ways.
- Friends and family; for supporting and providing for me through both easy and difficult times.

And credits to any and every other source that contributed to or influenced what I produce.