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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Is your Life Lifeless?

Have you been dying a slow death or gone through one or more abrupt ones? Is it as if you’re gone despite the fact that you’re still there? You go through the motions, do what you must do (or manage to do), but there is little to no fire left in you. You may believe that you are simply getting old and that it is normal to be this way but, while it is indeed common, it isn’t such a requisite.

What happens usually is that we let things get the best of us. The more we go through life, the more we are likely to encounter such things. Things that block, detour, exhaust, deteriorate, or even extract from us. Until life isn’t quite our own anymore, though it may still seem that way.

If it’s not poor habits and detrimental circumstances that are physically harming you, you should look into what is harming your spirit. And by spirit, I am referring to what moves you and keeps you going beyond what you are forced to do or believe you are. That which can fuel you with enthusiasm, devotion, and fulfillment that is in line with you. Not obligations and measures that aren’t born out of conviction. Instead, that which makes you come alive.

Unfortunately, some may have been lost or transformed forever, but much might still be possible to reincorporate and/or revive. And it’s worth a try.