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Terms of Service

If you are accessing, browsing, frequenting, and otherwise making use of TintySun’s content, you must read and understand the following terms of service to make sure whether this is where you’re meant to be or not and save yourself and others frustration.

These terms of service may be revised and adjusted in the future. In which case, it will be announced.

• Audience
My content may be of benefit to anyone taking interest in artistic abilities. However, it is specifically tailored toward those seeking to unbridle and sustain them. And personally, I’d prefer it if they’re doing so for the better. Furthermore, it is meant for people over 18 years old, already capable to begin discerning and deciding for themselves, despite how much of it is still suitable for younger audiences.

• Direct Messaging
You are welcome (and encouraged) to send me a direct message via e-mail ( or through direct message features on my Facebook, my Twitter, and my Pinterest. People can reach out to me with their concerns or with any personal matters and issues that they may have. I exercise discretion for I highly respect privacy and believe it is of great importance. Matters and issues discussed in privacy will not be brought to the public sphere unless requested or permitted.

• Tips, Donations, & Other Contributions
My content is free to all unless restricted by some form of pay (membership, purchase, etc.). Regardless, when offering assistance, I prioritize those who tip, donate, and make other significant contributions (to me and to causes I am close to) over those who do not. I’ll occasionally make exceptions for those who are putting in effort, show potential, but cannot afford to contribute more. I will only be indiscriminately generous with my time and energy if I ever have an excess of this to spare (unlikely).

• Social Standing
Initially, I was targeting the lower class. I.e. the starving artists. People that do not have the resources to easily get ahead and thrive. Yet, surprisingly, I’m also attracting people with more means. Ironic, but I’ll allow it. What I will not tolerate is classism of any kind. Regardless of how wealthy and/or famous you are, I will judge your worth based on how reasonable, considerate, and valorous you are. And on whether or not you’re in some way improving my life and/or the lives of those I care about. If you’re expecting special treatment, applause, and permissiveness over your social position alone, you’ve come to the wrong place.

• Scope of Caring
“But you should care about everyone equally!” Nah. Not really, no. If that’s how you operate, go you. Leave me to focus on the few select ones that I can genuinely resonate with and root for. I do not possess a limitless source of love. In fact, although I try not to be petty or trivial, my love is conditional. I’ll choose the demographic or group of people I’ll invest myself in.

• Granting Aid
Considering our current interconnectedness in the world, I at times feel compelled or even obligated to grant aid within my possibilities. Usually, I do it by making content that helps tackle and break down a matter or issue of common relevance. But it depends on what is happening and what I can bring to the table at that moment. Accordingly, I’ll be crystal clear or obscure about it. So pay extra attention if you’d rather not miss a clue. You can also just ask and I’ll see if there’s anything that I can and am willing to do to help.

• Employment
Although I can appreciate the gesture of being offered employment so that I will take advantage of my knowledge and skills and/or make a higher income, I’m in a period of my life where I am busy working on my own projects (personal and otherwise). Any job that detours or detracts me from that is a job I’ll have to refuse. But if, on the contrary, it is related to and in alignment with what I’m working on, I’ll be glad to consider it. Feel free to get in touch if you believe we can make a deal.

• Light and Dark
A great part of what I’m devoted to is facing the dark and shedding a light on it. This can be unnerving and unsettling to many, but transformative and enhancing to some. I will continue to do it at my pace unless there’s some kind of urgency to venture into one or another area. If this proves to be too much for you, you can take breaks and go by bits, if not altogether quit consuming my content. There are many valid reasons why one would choose to reduce and moderate their exposure to this.

• Intellect
I’m with the truth-seekers. I’m the type of person that literally experiences psychic disruption and damage when presented with lies and other forms of nonsense under the pretense of truth. Misinformation is easier and quicker to manufacture and distribute than accurate and nuanced information is to spread. Which is an unfortunate reality of how things work. Nevertheless, I’ll go against it and promote the use of intellect.

• Kindness
I strive to be kind. Which is something that I define differently from being nice, polite, and pleasant. I don’t justify and excuse abuse and neglect as “tough love” but I also won’t be enabling behaviors that I perceive as gravely harmful to yourself and/or to others. Hence, sometimes I am harsh, or even cruel, in order to be kind. I normally reflect on everything so, if I find myself at fault, I’ll try to correct it. By the same token, I am kind to myself as well.

More points to be addressed…