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• Why the name TintySun?
It’s been an inside joke for me, for a very long time, to pick silly-sounding nicknames. In some way, they can cheer me up. In the case of TintySun, it’s more a reference to radiating several colored lights and illuminating all with them. So, it’s a constant prompt for me to look at things in awe and wonder, if not only to shed some light on hidden or unknown matters. The jokes that I’m at the center and planets revolve around me, and that my audience should wear sunglasses and sunscreen when exposed to me, can humor me too. However, I believe it is in everyone to be a “sun” if they so wish to as I associate this symbol with authenticity.

• What made you become an Artist?
The assumption is that it is in my blood, as my mother is an artist. I grew up watching her make paintings on canvases and was impressed by it (still am). My grandmother, who raised me until her passing, was also an art enthusiast and provided me with everything I needed and wanted to develop artistically, including her own genuine encouragement and celebration of it. And personally, I just adore art and suffer when kept from it. So far, it looks like I was born for it. Regardless, I’d say there’s at least a bit of an artist in almost everyone.

• How did you learn to make art?
I learned by adoring and cherishing works of art, exploring all there is, observing shapes and colors, listening to sounds and tones, paying attention to details and subtleties, experimenting with distortions and mutations, trying different ways of perceiving, interpreting, and performing things, having patience with myself, studying, teaching, practicing, and always protecting and nurturing my imagination and sensibilities. I never stop learning, however.

• Why do you b/vlog and make content?
I’ve been posting on the internet since I was 12 years old. How do I not do it? I post for several reasons, too many to count. Essentially, though, I do it because I can’t help it. What else would I do with all my stuff? It’s a lot of stuff I’d rather not keep to myself.

• Why is your audience so small if you’ve been around for so long?
I haven’t been proactive in getting myself exposure through search engines and social media platforms, as I’ve been too busy with other things and pleased to only exchange occasionally with just a few regulars. Plus, I was undecided about what to fully commit and devote to so I wasn’t eager to call others over to join me. I’m also selective about my audience and have been putting up firewalls and burning bridges to keep certain kinds of people out and away. That’s just how I've been rolling, not how everyone should.

• How was education like for you?
Growing up, my experience with the school setting was more negative than positive, it would seem. My strengths were not promoted and in many cases cast down, which contributed to a sense of inadequacy that I’ve had to recover from. I appreciate the experience, but I wish the following generations of introverted, reserved, abstract, innovative, and/or empathic children won’t have to go through the same I did. Some things made me stronger and wiser, but most just damaged my spirit and wasted my time and energy. Not that the type of schools I went to as a kid is ‘bad’ for everyone - it just wasn’t very helpful to me and for what I want and need in my life. Fortunately, though, I later found other educational methods that are more suitable.

• What’s your IQ?
I don’t bet much on quotient tests although they have been relatively flattering. I don’t consider myself outstandingly intelligent - I just happen to be drawn to and compelled to reveal aspects of things that go unnoticed and/or unspoken about. It might make me seem brilliant (or out of my mind) at times, but there are areas I can be quite slow in too. I believe in there being multiple types of intelligence that are not so easily measurable and different roles people can excel at. I still have days when I’m scatterbrained or have brain fog. Nevertheless, I am obsessed with intellectual honesty.

• What’s your EQ?
Again, I don’t bet much on quotient tests. I just strive to be kind (not necessarily “nice”) within reason. Some would describe me as cruel and vile while others would claim the opposite. I’m not two-faced, it simply depends on their definitions and what they are doing to evoke one side or the other - that or they caught me on a very bad day or on a very good day. I may come off as apathetic, too. Regardless, I am obsessed with comprehending human nature.

• Where do you find inspiration for ideas?
I find inspiration for ideas in thoughts and feelings. If I challenge and stimulate them, ideas always abound. Things in me, things outside of me, letting things collide and explode into something interesting and/or fascinating to me inspires me. Surrounding myself with the richness of depth, breadth, sensitivity, and imagination, I can maintain the state for ideas to be born.

• Where do you find the motivation to be productive?
It’s composed of much, and I often lack one or more essential pieces to be and stay in motion. In any case, I believe it is important to me to have and see the work I do as something purposeful and fulfilling, as well as intriguing and exciting. It also helps to forget about the rest of the world and to be in the moment; immersed and enjoying the process as I put things together and watch them come alive.

• Why aren’t you more active and take so many breaks?
The amount of time I need alone to recharge my energy and re-emerge in optimal condition is not small – and this is an understatement. I wish I could participate more frequently and prolongedly, but it is damaging when I try to. I’m aiming to maintain a balance I can live with and have that balance well established.

• What do you do for a living?
I’ve changed jobs many times throughout my life because I can hardly go through tasks that are not growing me (I’m not very proud of this, it has many downsides). And I’ve been in transition states for long periods when out of “luck” or occupied with other matters. I’ve quit amazing jobs I often wished I could get back when hardship hit - and I’ve learned the hard way not to be too quick to disregard them. Generally, though, I seem to try almost anything that allows me to exercise my abilities and that I’m fit enough to begin in. I’ve been a freelancer or self-employed all my life and that will continue to be the case. Currently, I’m focusing on a few projects that I expect to eventually make profitable while also making enough to get by on the side.