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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Types of Fans you will Encounter as an Artist

As an artist, and in other roles too, there are different types of people that you will encounter. They may prove to be anywhere from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable to you. Here are only a few (more might be added in the future). Not necessarily in descending order from best to worst, but grouped by how recommendable they are or not to be invested in. And under this category, as fans.

• The Protector
They will protect you as though what affects you, affects them. They will defend and attack on your behalf. Maybe they’re natural debaters and can take it as a challenge and an exercise - and like and know you enough to be invested. Or they cannot stand to see any injustice done toward you and not do anything about it, regardless of how conflict-averse they are. Whatever the case, even if it pains you to have others “fight your battles”, they’ll take it up so you can keep doing what you do.

• The Collector
They adore you and what you do, so they will collect as much as they can of your work (making purchases and more) because, for one reason or another, it brings them inexplicable joy and fulfillment. They will cherish these things, possibly down to minute details and on to all that they entail. And this alone can inspire and motivate you to keep putting thought and care into your work to an extraordinary degree.

• The Promoter
You’ve impressed them and they figure you will impress others too, so they spread the word about you. This might be done selectively, where they only tell those that seem like they would enjoy your work too, or impulsively, where they simply cannot keep their mouth shut about you because they consider you that great - and everyone must know you! They might even be pushy or employ persuasion so that others will give you a chance and see how valuable you are.

• The Geek
Intellectually curious and insatiable, they will become experts on you and what you do. They’ll understand you better than most and even be able to make accurate predictions on you. Smear campaigns will have little to no effect on them because they have the facts. And if not, they’ll seek them out. And although they may entertain speculation and consider opinions, they’ll ultimately stick to what’s true. That being so, the truth will set you free.

• The Trendy
It’s not so much that they personally appreciate you, it’s more so that you’re hip - or about to be! They move with what’s popular. Or at least with what’s fresh and different, shaking things up, even if only for a moment. They see others taking an interest in you and they want to do that too. To be part of the group or of the conversation. They might indeed like you after all, but are prone to move on with ease once you’re no longer the hot topic.

• The Competition
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” These people will study you closely, your weaknesses and your strengths, considering you a rival. They might be open about this or feign comradery. But take any chance they can or even throw you under the bus to get ahead of you. They’re not as concerned with their own potential as they are with surpassing you. Might copy you (or clumsily attempt to). You’ll have to be 5+ steps ahead of them so they won’t catch up.

Not Recommendable
• The Envious
You’ve got what they want and they can hardly bear it. They might love-hate you for it. Even if they are aware of it and keep it under control, it’s unlikely that they will be supportive of you. On the contrary, it’s probable that they will chip away at you with nitpicky complaints and passive-aggressive comments. Subtly and gradually or blatantly and abruptly demoralizing and devitalizing.

• The Harasser
They’re addicted to you - or to engaging you, pushing your buttons, and getting a rise out of you. They will actively and constantly pester you with questions and accusations with no regard for your peace. You may ignore them or even block them, but they may have managed to unsettle you anyway. And if they cannot get directly at you, they could try to get others to do it for them. Exasperating and exhausting.

• The Creep
Their admiration got out of hand. It became a concerning obsession. Not only for their own well-being, but for yours too. They’ll be out of line in what they say and do and may continue no matter how uncomfortable they are visibly making you. You might feel responsible for them, as though it’s your fault it got to that point, although that might not be the case. ‘No’ and setting boundaries might not be enough.

• The Stalker
Either they will be completely stealth or they will induce paranoia in you. As the latter, you may notice them knowing a bit too much about you or you may catch them in places where you didn’t expect them to be. You will be wondering if odd events are a coincidence or not. They will have no respect for your privacy, prying into your present and digging into your past beyond what you willingly share. They may try to justify this extreme behavior or even blame you for hiding something or not being transparent enough, whether or not you’re guilty of any crime.

Alternatively, as a fan, do you see yourself among the Not Recommendable or the Tolerable/Manageable and don’t like it? Start/keep working on your improvement.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Types of Clients you will Encounter as an Artist

As an artist, and in other roles too, there are different types of people that you will encounter. They may prove to be anywhere from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable to you. Here are only a few (more might be added in the future). Not necessarily in descending order from best to worst, but grouped by how recommendable they are or not to be invested in. And under this category, as clients.

• The Funder
They look forward to your success. Not only do they want you to survive, but they want you to thrive in your work. Because of this, not only will they become a regular client, but may also make generous contributions every now and then. Be that as money or as other types of resources. They might become personally invested and assist your progress in various ways over time.

• The Tipper
They recognize the value of your work, the effort put into it, and/or how rough things have been or currently are. Therefore, besides paying the agreed-upon amount, they will add something extra in gratitude and consideration. Or they could just be generous by default and in the habit of always tipping. But perhaps they begrudgingly tip for another reason. In any case, you end up rewarded.

• The Appreciative
They will make you and what you do feel beyond worthwhile. Maybe they won’t show you in your preferred ways how grateful they are, but they will genuinely cherish what you made. Possibly be sentimental about it. Vocal or not, you can tell by how they treat it (or by the 5 stars or 10/10 rating they leave you afterward).

• The Flexible
Got a peculiar way of going about it? No problem! They can adapt. And while they won’t stand for scams or being taken advantage of, they can be quite understanding and even forgiving. If you miss a deadline or have to postpone it, they won’t be too appalled. If something comes up and you cannot deliver as expected, they will adjust their expectations. Don’t get too comfortable, though, because even they have a limit.

• The Indecisive
They can’t make up their mind. They will ask for something, and then for something else contrary to that. Or they won’t ask for anything but ask you to present them with options - and then some more. They may be conscious and apologetic about it, but still have a hard and difficult time deciding. You may have to step in and make decisions for them or lead them into making favorable ones.

• The Flirt
Do they get special treatment if they seduce you? They will try to find out. It is possible to meet your other half through work, but this is unlikely to be the case. They will attempt to charm you for better deals for them or simply because they find you attractive and getting your attention thrills them. It gets in the way of productivity and efficiency and you will have to set firm boundaries.

Not Recommendable
• The “The Customer Is Always Right”
These people may have heard the phrase and ran with it out of context and proportion. They believe they know better than you, as though they didn’t come to you because you knew better than them. They will “correct” you and be petty, never satisfied unless it all goes their way. Which would be fine if they were indeed right, or at least within the bounds of acceptable, but they aren’t. Your talent and expertise are going to waste. You could please them and have an atrocity with your name attached to it in your history or remove yourself from the situation somehow.

• The Overentitled
You owe them. Why? Just because. There is little to no logic and rationality in it if you think it through. But it can be traced back to a belief in their grandiosity or the grandiosity of their cause. They may believe that they are doing you a favor or that it is an honor to serve them. May shame and guilt-trip you to get their way. They’ll come up with senseless arguments to try to convince you that it is your obligation to bend to their will and whims.

• The Stingy
Whether they can afford to or not, they’d rather not pay. They will bargain for lower prices, making excuses. And if those don’t work, they might begin attacking the price, claiming it is too high. And to argue for that, they will begin attacking your products and/or services, claiming that they are not of much quality or prestige to make it count. Even if they give up and pay the initial price, they will do so resentfully - perhaps after succeeding at shaking your confidence and sense of worth. And if they do get a discount, you’ll probably wonder if they deserved it.

• The Rusher
Zero patience. They must be your top priority and treated with the urgency of an emergency. Will they pay extra for that? Likely not. Are they an extraordinary client that has earned VIP treatment? Also likely not. May constantly check on you for updates and even delay your progress while doing so, then complain about how slow you are. Will they give you a hand to finish sooner? No, they won’t. Their insistence on speedy delivery is their contribution.

Alternatively, as a client, do you see yourself among the Not Recommendable or the Tolerable/Manageable and don’t like it? Start/keep working on your improvement.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Types of Bosses you will Encounter as an Artist

As an artist, and in other roles too, there are different types of people that you will encounter. They may prove to be anywhere from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable to you. Here are only a few (more might be added in the future). Not necessarily in descending order from best to worst, but grouped by how recommendable they are or not to be invested in. And under this category, as bosses.

• The Faithful
Complete faith in you. They will entrust you with plenty of resources and also important matters, believing that you are capable and responsible. And even if you aren’t quite so, you might end up becoming it to not let them down. There might be some indifference involved on their part, not having much to lose, but it’s just as possible that they are indeed that confident, despite the risks, that you can and will handle it properly.

• The Aware
As conscious as they come. They are cognizant of actions and their consequences, what things entail and imply, which factors to consider and which are affecting the process and the result, how much potential there is, and how to fulfill it. They might know you better than you do and anticipate your needs and wants so that it all runs smoothly.

• The Accommodating
Willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re fine. They make it a priority to provide you with what you require to do your best, aiming to boost your performance. Whatever is keeping you from being more productive or from making the most out of your abilities, they will take care of. You will run out of excuses.

• The Buddy
By your side. They may lead, direct, and correct you along the way, but as someone that walks with you rather than ahead of you. They don’t rejoice in being your superior and rarely act in ways that would remind you that they are. Threatening and disciplining you are the last resort. They’d rather have it loose and amicable unless a more intense and serious approach is required.

• The Clumsy
Not the most competent around. May have to pick up after them or even do their job at times. It’s extra work but it could be worse. They may be trying but failing to gracefully tend to their duties. And if that’s the case, they’ll recognize your assistance and possibly be embarrassed by their shortcomings.

• The Stifling
Getting in your way. Whether it is through pessimism, catastrophizing, micromanaging, strictness, or something else. You are unable to function optimally because of their behavior and would have to verbalize this and ask them for room to maneuver.

Not Recommendable
• The Unaccountable
Not to be blamed. It’s never their fault, it’s yours - or someone or something else’s. They can be convincing and deflect as often as it is convenient to them. If you’re not alert and firm in the truth, you’ll believe there is something wrong with you or with others while continuing to be confused and unable to pinpoint what’s happening. Yet, continual exposure to this can leave anyone disoriented.

• The Tyrant
Enslaving and cruel. You owe them everything, they owe you little (or nothing at all). May keep you as an intern and make you do unrelated chores that you did not sign up for, for as long as they can get away with it. Pay is the bare minimum or below that. And don’t you dream about getting a raise. Complaining can get you fired on the spot.

• The Brute
Doesn’t get it. Claims that you’re oversensitive and that you should toughen up. Treats your job like labor that is void of intellectual and emotional elements. Expects you to just comply and deliver on command, repeatedly and with few to no breaks. Puts you in detrimental habitats and cannot grasp why your performance is so low.

• The Egotistical
It’s not about the work, it’s about them. Their power and their status are what drive them. They’ll look down on you and expect you to look up to them. Not doing so will be taken as a major offense. They surround themselves with those who flatter them and agree with them and will easily discard those that don’t. They haven’t quite earned respect but demand it.

Alternatively, as a boss, do you see yourself among the Not Recommendable or the Tolerable/Manageable and don’t like it? Start/keep working on your improvement.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

If you're starting out as an Artist...

If you’re starting out as an artist, tapping into your talents and developing your skills, you might want to read on. Keeping these points in mind can save you trouble.

• Art is not for everyone but it is for more people than it would appear.
However, it depends on the art form that is adopted and the degree to which it is taken. But maybe you’re more artistic than you realize!

• Art can be done full-time or part-time, as a job or as a hobby, regularly or occasionally.
You may be tempted or pressured toward one or the other, but only you would be able to know for sure what is meant for you. And although all options have their pros and cons, they’re all fine if they’re what suits you.

• Art is a human need and a human want regardless.
Whether it is doing and making art or consuming and appreciating it, it is in our nature to turn to art for a plethora of reasons. If it is as though you can’t live without it, you’re probably right.

• Art pursuits can be anywhere from insanely ambitious to inconceivably complacent.
And it’s all valid. You don’t have to aim for revolutionary and unforgettable work to allow yourself to get into art. And you don’t have to “humble yourself down” and “be realistic” either if taking the chance against the odds is worth it to you.

• Art as a path is misunderstood, ridiculed, and discouraged by many.
Until it starts to make sense and return benefits. You can be deterred by that or push through. It won’t be easy if that’s the circumstance that you’re surrounded by. Nevertheless, you can eventually find people that support you instead and focus on them more to keep moving forward...

Working on a series of Fundamental Articles...

On to post a few articles during December that I'll have quickly and easily accessible for everyone on the site, new and old visitors, as fundamental for artists and others sticking around for what I will be doing in my "Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities" mission. (Revisions and additions may be done over time.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How's The World's Culture Progressing This Year, 2022?

Before stepping into the last month of the year, which is a month I reserve mostly for celebrations to conclude the year, there’s something I’d like to do. I’d like to address where we are in terms of cultural progress.

Although I’ve written countless posts (here and on other sites) that revolve, relate, and refer to cultural progress, this would be my first time officially doing it as part of an ongoing series (and keeping the same or a similar format for it) to recap and summarize every year on this date. There will be years in which I’ll have more to say than in others, but I’ll still try to show up for it regardless.

My Personal Stance
As it has been from the very beginning, I stand for what is truthful, effective, and fair. I don’t yet have all the answers, but I do my best to consider and weigh different views and opinions to grasp the reality of the matter and find solutions to issues. Generally, I see that people are either ignorant, confused, misguided, malicious, pushing an agenda, or a combination of two or more of those. And I try to have patience but it can run out.

Cultural Progress in 2022
This year, after things got to such an absurd extreme that they cannot be taken seriously or given much tolerance to, I’ve seen many who have begun to stand up and speak up to bring things back to a more sensible medium. But just like the pendulum swings from one end to another, I’m also seeing many trying to reinvent the wheel and get us back to where we started or worse. As though things getting absurd automatically makes everything absurd.

Browsing and scrolling, as well as being out in the world, online and offline, I’ve come across a few topics, and here’s what I’ll bring up:

• Sexism & racism
You can cite statistics or generalize based on personal experience and observation, ignoring sample size and other factors (e.g. history, conditioning, opportunities, etc.) that’d lead to inaccurate results, but no amount of confirmation bias will change the facts. Claiming that a certain sex or race is inherently superior to another and making quick judgments about everyone you encounter based on that, not only makes you rude - it makes you dumb. Yes, there are problems within specific demographics and the terms are thrown around without basis quite often. But if you’re assuming you know others and discriminate against them because of their sex or race, you’re not using your brain much. And can you guess what that makes you?

• Homophobia & transphobia
You don’t have to promote it, you don’t have to celebrate it, you don’t have to appreciate it, you don’t even have to agree with it - but, for various valid reasons, you must respect it. Your distaste for something is not an excuse to be cruel or downright atrocious to others. I don’t believe that homosexuality and transsexuality movements are flawless, nor that the individuals pertaining to these groups are perfect by default, but they deserve the right to at least safely explore who they are. Without being harassed or ostracized because of it. I’ve got a few opinions that can get me called homophobic or transphobic by some (e.g. wait until you’re older, say 21+ y/o and know enough of yourself and the world, to make any major life-altering decisions), even though I’ve been an ally since I could begin reasoning this stuff despite being surrounded mostly by conservatives, but ultimately, we’re all just people trying to learn to coexist in spite of our differences.

• Elitism & Classism
Look, I’m all in for having the freedom to hang with whomever you’d like to hang with, but some of y’all are way out of touch - whether you were born privileged or attained such privileges yourself. If you’re unable to see other human beings as equals despite your position, you lack awareness and may even be delusional. The worth of someone isn’t solely defined by how much society (or societies) have recognized and rewarded them. Actually, some of the most amazing people I’ve met are off the grid and would rather not play the game. There is definitely merit in seeking and having more for yourself by societal standards, along with the many benefits and capabilities that it brings, so I’m not discouraging that. But did you know that you can be glad and even proud of your attributes and accomplishments without forming a humongous ego over them? Overinflated egos are ridiculous and I won’t hold myself or anyone back from bursting them.

• Who’s paying?
It’s baffling to me that this has to be debated and disputed. It’s so effin’ simple. Yet, now you’ve got males whining about paying for females and females demanding males pay for them. Or males saying they would only pay for females if they subject themselves to shitty terms and conditions. It’s not about gender, godamnit! It’s about being a decent, courteous, and perhaps also generous human being. If you’re the one who suggests the activity, as an invitation, the onus is on you to pay for it as a way of treating somebody who’s humoring you. Unless you make it clear upfront that it is instead a request to be treated to it or that this will be a joint effort where bills are split, allowing the other to decide whether it’s something that they would enjoy or can afford. Furthermore, if there’s a significant wealth gap between you, the considerate thing to do (I’d even call it logical) is to not let the one whose pockets will be hurt pay and instead come forward, without making it awkward (let alone humiliating), to take care of it if you’re the more affluent. Don’t want to pay for others? Literally, have fun doing stuff alone or with people who don’t want or need you to pay for them. I’ll be having fun treating my friends when I can and being treated by them when they can. For real, some people are not just stingy, they are miserable.

• Pro-life vs. Pro-choice
No unwanted or unplanned child is likely to develop well. No child that grows up under unfavorable circumstances is likely to develop well. No child resented, neglected, or even abused by their parents is likely to develop well. More likely than not, they’re brought to suffer and made to deal with the psychological and physiological damage or lack that they suffered during their upbringing. It is not a noble thing to do to force yourself (let alone others) to carry on with pregnancy and birth that you’re not ready and wishing for. However, ending a life, no matter how small and prenatal, shouldn’t be taken lightly either. That’d be irresponsible and foster an uncaring attitude toward living creatures. So the least that you can do is abstain from or practice protected (as opposed to unprotected) sex as much as you can unless or until you’re ready and happy to have a child. If an accident still happens, that’s unfortunate and would call to make a difficult and conscientious decision. In addition to that, if men were more reliable as parents, maybe there wouldn’t be so many women reluctant or refusing to have children. Not me, though. Reliable partner or not, leave me childless. I’m fine with my nephew.

• Pedophilia
I’m relieved to see so many people fiercely fighting back against any attempt to push and normalize pedophilia. Being romantically or sexually attracted to a child when you’re no longer one and there’s a notable age difference is never okay or valid, even less so acting on those impulses. It’s messed up. If “childlike innocence”, read naivete, is appealing to you in those regards, it is a symptom of something rotten in you. And it’s you who must be fixed (or locked away), not people’s approval of it. Age gaps may be fine later in life, when all involved have matured enough to be able to be discerning and decisive, but not while someone is mostly clueless and prone to being exploited by somebody else that can and will take advantage of that. Even as a kink to roleplay with grown and consenting adults, it is disgusting and says much about you if you enjoy it. There are mature people with childlike features and traits, that are genuinely like that and are capable of entering relationships, and then there are literal children that must be guarded against gross predators.

That’s all for now. I may still sporadically engage and elaborate on various topics, but expect the continuation of this post next year. Stay lucid and keep improving!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful for All of You!

I pondered whether or not I should be giving a full-blown thankful speech this year, considering that I’m not quite yet at a point where I can sit back and rejoice about my progress, but I do have much to be thankful for already and I’d be glad to have gratefulness at the base of what will be a period of many personal and artistic accomplishments.

Those who’ve known me for years are familiar with my “Exploring & Experimenting” era. Where I got to unlearn, learn and relearn plenty about myself and life in general. And those who’ve known me from even earlier are familiar with my “Workaholic to the point of Burnout and Collapse” era. Where I was single-minded to a fault in order to get myself out of survival mode. Those finding me recently are in for the “Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities” era. Where I integrate the lessons and aptitudes gained from the previous eras into a long-term project I am deeply aligned with. And I’m thankful for that!

It has been hard and difficult for me to get to this point, due to a number of factors. But I have others to thank, who have made it significantly smoother and easier…

I have a “behind-the-scenes support network” composed of incredibly good and great people that have been helping me tremendously. I might formally introduce some of them in the future. But for now, know that their kindness and brilliance are behind anything valuable and virtuous in me and I’m infinitely thankful to have them in my life! 😭 

More specifically, I’m also especially thankful for:
• The opportunity to live an authentic and fulfilling life.
• Family and friends that care and show that they do in their own ways.
• Dogs, cats, & other animals that bring much protection, comfort, joy, and/or amusement.
• Acquaintances and strangers that offer a hand, out of genuine concern, when you’re struggling.
• People working on themselves so that we all can break out of toxic and destructive habits, patterns, and cycles.
• Works that are there for you and reach you where and when no one else can or has.
• All the products and services available nowadays that make the ‘impossible’ possible.
• The many contributions, of different types, I’ve received so far despite everything!

I’m really and truly thankful for all of you! 💛

Sunday, September 4, 2022

TintySun’s Essence & Structure

Before getting into the several topics I intend to be covering, it’s useful to have an overview of where we’re going - to grasp the essence & structure that makes up this long-term learning of Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities (which is what I’m devoting to here).

As some of you may already know, I spent most years of my life exploring and experimenting with different things, trying to find what my true thing really is. At times, it was deeply concerning to me that the search seemed endless. I worried that there wasn’t a thing I could stick to. But it turns out that there is and that I’ve been sticking to it my whole life - it just happened to be more abstract than concrete so it wasn’t as obvious. I now have absolutely no doubt that this is what I’m meant for and it all fits perfectly for me. Inevitably so, I am always looking for ways to keep artistic abilities thriving and I have run into numerous obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

I’ll point out, however, that although there is much that I already know too well, there is also much that I am still in the process of thoroughly learning. Therefore, this is a journey in which we all will be growing in this regard as I help myself and help others. And I’m totally looking forward to it!

The Sun is my main symbol and second to it is The Spiral. They signify illumination and evolution, respectively. Joining me requires letting go of illusions and preconceptions to be open to life and what it brings. It is not a cult, but it is something you can commit to as much as I have. And perhaps you’re a natural at it or are already in a state where this will flow smoothly for you. But even if you aren’t, if it’s still something that you genuinely long for, you can try and do your best. Breaking out of personal limitations can be challenging and that’s an understatement - but it’s not impossible (speaking from experience).

I’ve broken down this undertaking into 8 fundamental categories (as represented by the points around the sun) with subcategories under each. I debated keeping them to myself and revealing them over time, so as to not cause panic or impatience by getting ahead of ourselves, but I’ll let you in on it beforehand and leave it to you to take it as you will. Personally, for me, it is an invitation to prepare for what’s coming. And it can somewhat be considered the program’s curriculum, too.

The categories pertaining to Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities are the following:

Trajectory, Behind-The-Scenes, Work in Progress, Reactions…
Therapy, Nutrition, Fitness, Hygiene, Rest…
Security, Budgeting, Productivity, Behavior…
Self, People, Life, The World, The Universe…
Singing, Dancing, Acting, Appearance…
Fuel, Endeavor, Influence…
Writing, Sketching, Design, Composition, Refinement…
Recreation, Tools, Materials, Remedies…

I will be making content for all of them, jumping from one to another, often making series to fully cover topics, but all ultimately serving the same purpose. Again, though, everything will come in its own time. And if you prefer, you can ignore this system and simply focus on the overarching mission.

Regardless, for the sake of organization, my content will be tagged and color-coded accordingly. You will be able to browse and search it via these categories and subcategories or via titles, thumbnails, and keywords. This site and the collections on adjacent sites will reflect this.

As for what's for beginner, intermediate, or advanced learning, we'll see. But despite where you are on these levels, I might still recommend revisiting some of the basics and being exposed to the more complex stuff.

It'll be a long ride... 📚🤓🎨

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Looking forward to building...

I can't wait till I finally have my main site revamped and my other 3 sites ready to operate more fully with it. So everything will be in place, more organized and less disjointed. Hopefully before the end of this year that will be the case. And I'll feel even more relaxed and comfortable to continue making content for all of them...

They'll be a home amidst the chaos and disaster. You won't be alone in being strange, complex, and infinitely curious & creative. That much I can promise already. 

I spent over a decade of my life making sure I found exactly what I could completely commit to for the long term, what is truly aligned with me and my natural talents and inclinations, what I would not get tired of and instead be actively excited and driven by. So I'm sticking with it, against all odds.

In the meantime, I'll be around building and sharing what I can.