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Sunday, December 4, 2022

If you're starting out as an Artist...

If you’re starting out as an artist, tapping into your talents and developing your skills, you might want to read on. Keeping these points in mind can save you trouble.

• Art is not for everyone but it is for more people than it would appear.
However, it depends on the art form that is adopted and the degree to which it is taken. But maybe you’re more artistic than you realize!

• Art can be done full-time or part-time, as a job or as a hobby, regularly or occasionally.
You may be tempted or pressured toward one or the other, but only you would be able to know for sure what is meant for you. And although all options have their pros and cons, they’re all fine if they’re what suits you.

• Art is a human need and a human want regardless.
Whether it is doing and making art or consuming and appreciating it, it is in our nature to turn to art for a plethora of reasons. If it is as though you can’t live without it, you’re probably right.

• Art pursuits can be anywhere from insanely ambitious to inconceivably complacent.
And it’s all valid. You don’t have to aim for revolutionary and unforgettable work to allow yourself to get into art. And you don’t have to “humble yourself down” and “be realistic” either if taking the chance against the odds is worth it to you.

• Art as a path is misunderstood, ridiculed, and discouraged by many.
Until it starts to make sense and return benefits. You can be deterred by that or push through. It won’t be easy if that’s the circumstance that you’re surrounded by. Nevertheless, you can eventually find people that support you instead and focus on them more to keep moving forward...