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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Happy... Pride Month?

Starting to get into summer but, besides that, it is also Pride month!

As some of you may already know, I’ve been an LGBT+ ally for decades and also considered myself a part of it even if only as a queer individual. So I’ve seen plenty of how the movement has been taking effect - for better and for worse.

I’ll always stand for the liberty to find and express yourself as you truly are and that love is love. But it often looks like, nowadays, these points are missed. To such an extent that LGBT+ folks are beginning to “prove right” everyone who adamantly opposed it at first by seemingly drawing faulty arguments. Some of you don’t know when enough is enough or don’t keep yourself from taking and twisting things to use as excuses and justifications for being lousy or even vile people. I do not support this.

I believe I am immune to any accusation that I might be homophobic or transphobic, or anything like that, when I disagree with anything coming from somebody who identifies as LGBT+, for I’m too clear on where I stand and that’s clearly not the case, so I can easily speak out my thoughts and feelings on all of this. I’m only anti hurting the cause, yourself, and/or others because you can’t be bothered to do better and assume everything should bend to your whims, nonsensical as they may be.

I’d very much like you to be colorful and show those wonderful colors as you crave. But there are times when we must check ourselves and ask if we’re being as reasonable and compassionate as we claim to be or just rushing and latching onto ideologies that are becoming dogmatic - which was the very thing we were fighting against.

We’ve had it rough, there’s no denying that, and we deserve some accommodation and leeway over that fact. But beware you don’t turn into the same kind of monsters that tormented us.

Human nature is complex and so is coexisting in life, with people and in the world. One common mistake I encounter is treating any of this as if it were simple. You do have to reflect - both deeply and broadly - if you are be accurate and correct in your opinions. Consider relevant factors, make room for nuance. And if you can’t do that, at least join the conversation from a place of being open to learning, discussing and clarifying.

I applaud those addressing these issues with the intent of helping make it better and I’ll contribute to it and to them how and when I can - without any self-sacrifice involved as I already did my share of that.

So, with that said, have a happy Pride month! ðŸ³️‍🌈