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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Doing Breakdowns

Ever feel utterly overwhelmed or exhausted by a project or aim before even getting started? That can be discouraging and literally zap you off your energy (at least that which is composed of inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm).

So what do you do in this case?
You break things down into smaller parts or milestones.

The importance of breaking things down is, in my opinion, understated. There are people, out there, lethargic and listless simply because they haven’t been led to or aren’t taking the time to break things down into smaller chunks that are more quickly and easily achievable, that help give them a sense of progress and success toward the larger goal. I would know, I’ve been there.

It IS like they say. “Take it one step at a time, one day after another.” Or at least that’s how it must be done when you’re struggling to execute (maybe suffering from the so-called executive dysfunction) and haven’t gotten “in the zone”. Also, if you’re currently carrying an already heavy load or dealing with any debilitating conditions, you may greatly benefit from this. You know, instead of “biting off more than you can chew”, take small bites. Crawling before you walk, walking before you run, and so on.

And it’s okay if you consider yourself a more passionate and intense person, someone that doesn’t require moderation and is held back by it. If that’s working for you, keep at it. But if a time comes when, for whatever reason, you lost that, consider this approach. And who knows, maybe it’ll help you regain your full-on disposition.

Alright, so how do you do it?
I personally like to use sheets. And sometimes physical notebooks if i’m extra foggy and need to sit back and be messy with it. Though I would afterward organize it all on my computer. But there are countless applications out there designed specifically for this.

Type (or write) the bigger (or ultimate) goal, then segment it, and then segment it further. And further if it suits you. Arrange these by priority or order in which they must be done. Revise it a few times until you’re pleased with the breakdown. And get to it!

If the satisfaction of completing the tasks for each segment isn’t enough to get you going and keep at it, you can add rewards after each. Be sensible, though. Don’t overindulge, but treat yourself to something that would compensate. A snack, relaxation, or greater things, depending. This way it won’t feel as though you’re slaving away and might actually enjoy the process and last longer.

You can basically accomplish almost anything if you accurately identify what must be done, put it in order, and are patient and persistent. So, practice breaking things down.

Points on Handy Tools for Nowadays

 #1  Physical notebooks and sketchbooks never go completely obsolete if you’re artistic. Because, as convenient and efficient as technology can be, sometimes we need time away from the screen and can benefit from the grounding effect that writing and drawing physically can have. So get yourself some if you don’t already have them and use them for “brain dumps” and drafts during break or downtime.

 #2  It’s no news that Google took over most things. Though maybe not for too long, we will see. In any case, it has been facilitating a bunch of tools for free that can make your work easier. You can use GMail for regular emails and to gain easy access to their tools and more. Google Drive, which gives you plenty of space to store many types of files online. And maybe you’ll also find Google Photos handy, which can automatically get your photos and videos from your phone and organize them for you (and getting extra space isn’t too costly). Furthermore, they shamelessly redid the Office tools and I’m not complaining because those got absurdly pricey (you left us out, Microsoft). Now you can use their equivalents: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even make Forms with them. They automatically save to your Google Drive so you’re less likely to lose your progress and are able to access them from anywhere (no hassle of moving around files). And if you want to have your own site, quick and easy, they have Google Sites and Google Domains. (Also, Blogger.)

 #3  Graphics and videos are super important nowadays. For everyone, not just the pros! So, if you don’t have a budget for expensive applications or even the resources to make the most of them (knowledge, skills, time, energy, etc.), there are two apps for you: Canva and Clipchamp. They are free (though you can pay for extra features that are not essential) and quite user-friendly, so they won’t consume your existence.

 #4  Something I like to do when writing is to use text-to-voice software. This way, I can give myself little “breaks” from focusing too hard, and have what I’ve written so far read back to me. This will help me catch errors and also stimulate me to regain my train of thought or come up with more ideas. I use Natural Reader at the moment, which is free and straightforward (and can be sped up and slowed down), but maybe you can find more suitable apps for yourself.

 #5  Is AI taking over the world? Looks like it. Major changes are already occurring - and quite rapidly. It’s difficult to keep up with everything that’s coming out that’s heavily reliant on AI. It’s a scary, yet interesting and fascinating time to be alive. We could be moving closer to a utopia or further into a dystopia. That will depend on how this is all handled. AI, in itself, isn’t bad. Technological advances aren’t necessarily bad. But what goes through for it and around it, might be. Fingers crossed and wishing for the best.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Setting & Meeting Deadlines

Would setting deadlines backfire on your productivity or actually be helpful?

What is your relationship with deadlines? Do they make you nervous and put you in a crippling state of dread or do they make you angry and cause you to rebel against them out of spite? Are they unreasonably tight? Or so loose that you will sleep on them?

See, deadlines are not the enemy, they don’t exist solely to intimidate you or steal your freedom. They can propel you into achieving what you otherwise wouldn’t, which can be rewarding. But you have to be mindful of how and when you set them so you won’t be compelled to sabotage progress toward them.

If you set them in a way that you know (subconsciously or not) that you’re setting yourself up for failure and all the unpleasant thoughts and feelings that come with it, they might not sit right. Furthermore, if they’re prioritizing tasks that shouldn’t be prioritized, they might not sit right either.

So, when setting deadlines for your work and aspirations, ask yourself:

Should I be setting a deadline for this? How urgent is it? Does this deadline allow me enough time to properly work on what I must? Is it close enough to drive me into action? If I fail to meet it, am I giving myself permission to move it and try again?

If you’re artistic, chances are you suffer from one or more of the following:

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Mood Swings
- Perfectionism

And this would make setting and meeting deadlines extra challenging. Therefore, you must look for ways in which deadlines would work well for you, in particular, rather than imposing deadlines on yourself as though you optimally function in their favor even though you don’t.

Maybe you need to give yourself more time. Maybe less time. Maybe make them so they can be moved one or more times.

And sometimes, it’s best to be quite generous with them. Give yourself 3 months, or 6 months, or a whole year if that’s merited. If it’s something big, or difficult, or hard, or uncertain.

Alright, so how do you do it?
Get yourself a calendar, or a planner, or what have you, and put the deadlines down where you can see them and be reminded of them constantly. Even if you believe you have an excellent memory and can skip this, don’t. It will serve you better to have them jotted down. Then you’ll have to see how well you do and make adjustments accordingly.

More likely than not, you will fail plenty of times until you get it right. But don’t let that discourage you. This is also an exercise in getting to know yourself and how you best operate - in this case, with deadlines.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Regular Educational Content

I am starting with regular educational content on TintySun.

They are intended for Sundays at 8:00AM (GMT-4), but there might be exceptions (like today, for which I'm late 😔). Also, I still respect Sundays as a day of rest, so they won't be heavy - and especially starting out, still in Winter and setting up. Besides, you can tune into it whenever.

Educational content will come in the form of text, graphics, and video. I don't mind if you skip the video (although watching it will help me gain more exposure), but I'll make sure to point out if there's anything in it I'd rather you don't miss.

I am making the content in batches and then scheduling it, aiming to make it so it is consistently published on time. However, I will be around for questions and more anyhow.

Furthermore, I am aware that those currently here (and eventually showing up) are at different stages of the journey. If I'm on a topic you already know well, feel free to take what I'm saying as a reminder or a confirmation instead of as something new to learn. Also, feel free to contribute to it with clarifications, elaborations, and even corrections.

There is so much to touch on and cover and I'm looking forward to it all. 😄

Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023's Note To Self

Do not work yourself to death. But make productive use of your time, energy, and other resources whenever you can. Keep distractions and delays to a minimum or to a reasonable degree. Much can be achieved in a year if you're committed. Make your future self thankful.

2023's Reference

Embrace it, it'll be a mixed bag of work to get from the life you have to the life you seek.

2023's To-Do List

I'm turning things around this year. By the end of it, I'd like my projects to be established and out of the "under construction" stage. Also, to cover all I must in order to go into more specific and/or advanced content.

█ Fix Site Layout
☐ Develop Mobile Versions
█ Polish Brand Kit
█ Fill Sections
█ Complete 1st Round Collections

☐ Fix Site Layout
☐ Make Mobile Versions
☐ Polish Brand Kit
☐ Fill Sections
☐ Complete 1st Round Collections

☐ Fix Site Layout
☐ Make Mobile Versions
☐ Polish Brand Kit
☐ Fill Sections
☐ Complete 1st Round Collections

☐ Fix Site Layout
☐ Make Mobile Versions
☐ Polish Brand Kit
☐ Fill Sections
☐ Complete 1st Round Collections

2023's Calendar

Here is my calendar. Above is what will persist throughout the years (in and out of my hands). Though I may eventually add more traditions to it to follow every year (something for Summer, likely). Below are further additions to the months, specific to the current year, to keep track of or keep in mind. I will be adding more events as they come up. I intend to do my best to stick to it, but please forgive me if at any point I fail to do so! Life, after all, is unpredictable (and God laughs at our plans).

 Winter is Here.
 New Year.
 Entering Aquarius Alignment.
(Making preparations and getting ready.)

On Theaters: M3GAN. 🍿
Topic: AI. 

 Winter Continues.
 Valentine's Day.
 Entering Pisces Alignment.

 Spring is Coming.
 Entering Aries Alignment.
 Beginning of New Cycle.
(This is when things really start.)

 Spring is Here.
 Entering Taurus Alignment.
On Theaters: The Super Mario Bros. Movie. 🍿

 Spring Continues.
 Entering Gemini Alignment.

 Summer is Coming.
 Entering Cancer Alignment.

 Summer is Here.
 Entering Leo Alignment.
 On Theaters: Barbie. 🍿

 Summer Continues.
 Entering Virgo Alignment.

 Autumn is Coming.
 Entering Libra Alignment.

 Autumn is Here.
 Entering Scorpio Alignment.

 Autumn Continues.
 Entering Sagittarius Alignment.
 Cultural Progress.
(Wrap on how culture seems to be doing at this point.)

 Winter is Coming.
 Entering Capricorn Alignment.
 Rest, Recap & Resolutions.
(Well-earned break, letting go of the current year & looking forward to the next one.)

Also, Birthday Month! 🎈

Sunday, January 8, 2023

New Site Layout Version

As some of you may have already noticed, the new site layout is finally here.

This is something I’ve been intending to have for a while but had to work on it only bit by bit every now and then. So it took time. Regardless, now that it’s done, I’m immensely relieved and eager to make content for it!

I didn’t change much because I wanted to keep the essence of what it is and what has been. Vivid colors, wacky shapes, and whimsical forms combining into a workspace resemblant of a quirky scrapbook for class with a game-like interface. However, I did a few fixes, adjustments, removals, and additions to it to better suit the mission.

“It’s too complicated and I can’t find anything!” Take that as your entrance exam. If you don’t enjoy looking and poking around to see where things are and where they lead, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Fret not, though, if you really wish to be here, that means you’re curious enough and just need to tap into and free that curiosity more. With that said, if in the future a simple and clear page is required for any purpose, it will be made separately.

Furthermore, although I am quite pleased with how it is right now, I recognize that improvements can be made. In fact, I have more in mind to ease and enhance the experience that I will later implement. Plus, versions optimized for mobiles. (Also, make the code for all of it cleaner and more organized, even though that’s out of sight, because messes add stress.)

For now, though, you will notice empty or barely filled sections. That can be disappointing and frustrating, but I am committed to making content for them this year. And most of my old content has been removed (or tucked away), but some of it will be eventually and gradually reintroduced upon revision. So you can take them as pockets of inventory for what is to come.

New elements were integrated into the chalk blackboard on the back. If you can spot them, that’s… crazy. Nevertheless, it’s been an ambition of mine to at one point properly introduce and explain all of them. Meanwhile, know that all of them have personal meaning and are guarding and infusing this space!

As for the Messaging module, don’t worry! I’ll treat all incoming messages with skepticism (since anyone can input any name and email address whether it belongs to them or not) or as anonymous unless I get valid confirmation of the sender’s identity. Feel free to message me through it.

Lastly, fear not the Psyche area. It is there for the love of art and it will make sense in time if it doesn’t already…

Sunday, January 1, 2023

TintySun, PhantomShuffle, DarkSpectacle, HorrorStumble

Alright, all. It’s time to get going!

I’ve been asked many times what I’ve been up to and the answer is… complicated. However, I hope to be able to explain it to some satisfaction now.

I’ve been working on a few projects, from seed to gestation to birth. And they’re currently in their baby stage. These are projects that are closely aligned with me, my talents, my inclinations, my preferences, and my history (turned out quite eccentric). And after an absurd amount of reflection, I would say that they’re my purpose. I may be overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted at times, but they still move me tremendously. I searched for this for decades and I’m immensely relieved and glad to have found it!

They are 4. The main one: TintySun. And three sub ones attached: PhantomShuffle, DarkSpectacle, & HorrorStumble. I am fully devoted to growing them and growing with them.

“The Art School”
 Active  | Normal Paced
Regular content on Sundays @ 8:00AM (GMT-4)
& throughout the week.

“The Haunted Library”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 8:00AM (GMT-4)

“The Alternative Theater”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 2:00PM (GMT-4)

“The Unnerving Clinic”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 8:00PM (GMT-4)

They’re all interconnected while simultaneously separated, holding the content that I make. To learn more about them, check out their respective sites and stick around to watch them develop and evolve. I’m not spoiling what’s coming by telling you beforehand!

In Hindsight

I don’t particularly enjoy showing credentials and would rather my work speak for itself but, since I’m inviting and bringing you along with me, you deserve to at least have some background information facilitated to you. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not we’re a good fit.

I know, I know. “A jack of all trades is a master of none…” But note that I stated that “I got into” not that I “mastered” any of these. How far I got with each varies and I’ve yet to go further with them. Nevertheless, many of these subjects became an integral part of who I am and what I do. So, plastering them here may help paint a picture of where I’m coming from and where I’m headed with my content.

Furthermore, let’s break down what has been of the past few years for what I’m currently devoting to, upon hearing and heeding my calling: TintySun, PhantomShuffle, DarkSpectacle, & HorrorStumble.

I hope this puts things into perspective for you as much as it did for me. You can try it out with your own life and projects if you want. It may be especially helpful if you’re disoriented and losing track. However, keep in mind that the approach most suited for you may wildly differ from mine.

New Year, 2023!

It’s the new year! 
We’ve made it to 2023! 

Normally, one would say “Happy New Year!” but, after the years we’ve had since 2020, I’m reluctant to exclaim that. Instead, I’ll wish you a year that you can handle, make progress in, and ultimately be fulfilled by. And if it will be awful, may it at least be intriguing and fascinating.

I have been setting up for this year, settling and planning, so you’ll have me around - maybe more than you’d like! But in any case, feel free to tune in and out as you must or prefer. During 2023, I will be mostly busy making and scheduling content to complete a program throughout the year. But you’re always welcome to contact me for any inquiries!

Let's go forward!🎉