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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Living Life on Your Own Terms

Let’s say you’ve gained your freedom. Your life is yours. What now? It is not all sunshine and rainbows.

When you’re living life on your own terms you are responsible for all your decisions. There is no more blaming somebody else for what you did or didn’t do. You are the captain of your ship. Not tradition, not routine, not habits. You decide where, how, and why it goes. Your successes are yours, but so are your failures. You can still receive guidance and other forms of contributions in your life, but ultimately, you have the last say. And you will have to live with the mistakes you make and the regrets they cause.

So, contrary to what it may seem to many, when you have the freedom to do about anything, you also carry with you the enormous burden of being responsible for your destiny. So, paradoxically, you’re not really that free. Is that something that you can do? Honestly, it is not for everyone.

If you are someone who is genuinely concerned with blending in and reaching conventional milestones, because that is how you roll and you thrive that way, joyously so, there’s no point in trying to steer far from that. However, if that does little for you or it is even suffocating, then you probably yearn for more autonomy - and rightly so.

Are you discouraged yet? If you are, you can take it as a sign. Maybe it is not for you, or maybe you’re just not in an optimal state for it at the moment. But if it sounds like a small price to pay, then you might have been born to be a free spirit.