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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Types of Fans you will Encounter as an Artist

As an artist, and in other roles too, there are different types of people that you will encounter. They may prove to be anywhere from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable to you. Here are only a few (more might be added in the future). Not necessarily in descending order from best to worst, but grouped by how recommendable they are or not to be invested in. And under this category, as fans.

• The Protector
They will protect you as though what affects you, affects them. They will defend and attack on your behalf. Maybe they’re natural debaters and can take it as a challenge and an exercise - and like and know you enough to be invested. Or they cannot stand to see any injustice done toward you and not do anything about it, regardless of how conflict-averse they are. Whatever the case, even if it pains you to have others “fight your battles”, they’ll take it up so you can keep doing what you do.

• The Collector
They adore you and what you do, so they will collect as much as they can of your work (making purchases and more) because, for one reason or another, it brings them inexplicable joy and fulfillment. They will cherish these things, possibly down to minute details and on to all that they entail. And this alone can inspire and motivate you to keep putting thought and care into your work to an extraordinary degree.

• The Promoter
You’ve impressed them and they figure you will impress others too, so they spread the word about you. This might be done selectively, where they only tell those that seem like they would enjoy your work too, or impulsively, where they simply cannot keep their mouth shut about you because they consider you that great - and everyone must know you! They might even be pushy or employ persuasion so that others will give you a chance and see how valuable you are.

• The Geek
Intellectually curious and insatiable, they will become experts on you and what you do. They’ll understand you better than most and even be able to make accurate predictions on you. Smear campaigns will have little to no effect on them because they have the facts. And if not, they’ll seek them out. And although they may entertain speculation and consider opinions, they’ll ultimately stick to what’s true. That being so, the truth will set you free.

• The Trendy
It’s not so much that they personally appreciate you, it’s more so that you’re hip - or about to be! They move with what’s popular. Or at least with what’s fresh and different, shaking things up, even if only for a moment. They see others taking an interest in you and they want to do that too. To be part of the group or of the conversation. They might indeed like you after all, but are prone to move on with ease once you’re no longer the hot topic.

• The Competition
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” These people will study you closely, your weaknesses and your strengths, considering you a rival. They might be open about this or feign comradery. But take any chance they can or even throw you under the bus to get ahead of you. They’re not as concerned with their own potential as they are with surpassing you. Might copy you (or clumsily attempt to). You’ll have to be 5+ steps ahead of them so they won’t catch up.

Not Recommendable
• The Envious
You’ve got what they want and they can hardly bear it. They might love-hate you for it. Even if they are aware of it and keep it under control, it’s unlikely that they will be supportive of you. On the contrary, it’s probable that they will chip away at you with nitpicky complaints and passive-aggressive comments. Subtly and gradually or blatantly and abruptly demoralizing and devitalizing.

• The Harasser
They’re addicted to you - or to engaging you, pushing your buttons, and getting a rise out of you. They will actively and constantly pester you with questions and accusations with no regard for your peace. You may ignore them or even block them, but they may have managed to unsettle you anyway. And if they cannot get directly at you, they could try to get others to do it for them. Exasperating and exhausting.

• The Creep
Their admiration got out of hand. It became a concerning obsession. Not only for their own well-being, but for yours too. They’ll be out of line in what they say and do and may continue no matter how uncomfortable they are visibly making you. You might feel responsible for them, as though it’s your fault it got to that point, although that might not be the case. ‘No’ and setting boundaries might not be enough.

• The Stalker
Either they will be completely stealth or they will induce paranoia in you. As the latter, you may notice them knowing a bit too much about you or you may catch them in places where you didn’t expect them to be. You will be wondering if odd events are a coincidence or not. They will have no respect for your privacy, prying into your present and digging into your past beyond what you willingly share. They may try to justify this extreme behavior or even blame you for hiding something or not being transparent enough, whether or not you’re guilty of any crime.

Alternatively, as a fan, do you see yourself among the Not Recommendable or the Tolerable/Manageable and don’t like it? Start/keep working on your improvement.