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Sunday, June 9, 2024

What is Your Type of Look?

It is not impossible for one person to be able to embody a wide range of looks, and look natural while doing so! However, you may find that, in your case, your default would be somewhere between intense, stoic, and tender. This may be because of both your physique and your spirit. Both of which could change, subtly or drastically, over the years. You may also be talented and/or skilled at switching from one to another - via mindset and/or makeup.

In any case, knowing what comes most naturally to you can help you show up in your element. Where it doesn’t look forced or as if you’re wearing some sort of costume that misses the mark. Though that can be fun, too! And it can also be stretched forward in a way that comes out authentic rather than faked. But ultimately, there would be a point where you’re at the most ease, whether all your life or during a period of it.

So, given these categories, where do you fall into? Intense, stoic, or tender?

• Intense people are passionate and focused. They can show impatience and be all-or-nothing.
• Stoic people are practical and efficient. They can show moderation and be sensible.
• Tender people are gentle and accommodating. They can show patience and be graceful.

This reflects in their postures, their gestures, and overall, their expressions. So what they wear, how they accessorize, and anything else that they put on would match or mismatch that. And you can certainly go for either regardless. Sometimes a mismatch is exactly the intended result and it somehow works with what you’re going for! But that’s a choice that you can consciously make.

Typically, bold choices suit those who are mainly intense. Pragmatic choices suit those who are mainly stoic. And delicate choices suit those who are mainly tender. Nevertheless, as a complex human being, you can mix it up for combinations that most accurately represent you (or your character) as a whole. You can go all the way in one category or come up with a composition containing more than one.

For better and for worse, how you show up influences how everything around you responds. Attracting and repelling, bringing out the best or the worst in others. So it’ll be a matter of what and how much you can handle, too. Nevertheless, don’t cease to exist.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI