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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ready to Welcome a New Cycle

I made the posts I needed and wanted to make before starting a new cycle, completed and/or fixed previous ones too. Now looking forward to many months more of making content and taking it further!

I’m Not Nice Anymore

I’ll still be kind, in my own way, but I swear that if another person mistakes that with weakness and naivety and tries to take advantage of me, I’ll give them what they had coming until they wish they never met me. I’ll be their karma for this and more in their past. I'd suggest you steer clear of me if that's your intent. You're safe if not.

Needless Suffering is Needless

I had a tough past, and my present isn’t exactly all rainbows and sunshine either. I don’t bring it up often because I don’t want my work to revolve around that. Not because I’m hiding it and pretending otherwise. And I know that there are people who have it waaay worse so I can count myself fortunate. But sometimes it is as though others assume I’ve been having it easy and make it harder for me. Or there are just too many inconsiderate people around that would not give a damn regardless. I really wish people would stop getting in the way, for no good reason, of those who are helping themselves or even others. And even if someone’s having it easy, how justified is it really to disrupt that? It’s like people are miserable and wish others would be too. For me, personally, I’ve been working towards having a life I can enjoy and be content with. It allows me to be a better version of myself. And apparently, that’s an insult to those who neglect their well-being for the sake of slaving or hustling away (or for whatever misery they subject themselves to). Meanwhile, I wish we could all relax (at least a little) and do meaningful work that fulfills us.

What a Mixed Bag

I’ve learned from being overly planned and from being overly laidback. Neither I would recommend if you’re anything like me. One can be suffocating, stressful, and infuriating while the other can make me lose touch with all that matters and that gets me going. Yet, at the moment, I’m leaning more towards being planned and, while I believe I’m giving myself enough leeway and flexibility, life can still be quite surprising - for better or for worse! But I’m optimistic I’ll be able to handle what’s thrown at me next. If not on my own, with the priceless support that I have. Not knowing what might happen can be paralyzing if you expect to have everything under control, but I’m aiming to just make the most of however much is in my hands. And fingers crossed that things won’t get too hectic and/or alarming, so I can keep it together as I take it in strides. I’m still somewhat in preparation for bigger and better things, but don’t want to fully close myself off to great opportunities either. It’s unbelievable the amount of totally unexpected things that have happened in the past few years. Literally unbelievable. But that just goes to show again how amazing life can be when you let it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It's a Cruel, Crude Place So Bring Back Magic!

I‘m finally at the point where I can start bringing back as much magic as I possibly can. It’s one of my missions for this year. I don’t know about you and what keeps you as your most artistic self, but for me, it’s magic. How I can perceive and interpret it, anyway. Shimmer, glitter, and other glowy and shiny things abound. Some nostalgia and dreaminess, too.

I aim and hope to be able to get in a different character every month and take at least a couple of photos of it. Maybe perform a little while in it if time and energy let me. So they will all be inspired by songs that are special to me. And I’ll try to play with colors and their meanings too!

 It’s a challenging series that’ll allow me expression, engaging in art forms I enjoy, while paying tribute to works I’ve loved. If you’d like to set an artistic challenge for yourself this year, you can take this as a sign to go too! With what suits you. It can take you out of stagnation and propel you forward if you’re having trouble staying on track.

In this case, to prelude this year’s cycle, I went with songs from some of my all-time-favorite films. Which range from being an “undeniable masterpiece” to “how can you even watch this” (but I don’t care - if I like it, I like it and that’s it). They do move and fuel what I’d consider magical within, which then pour out to all around.

The songs are:
. The Greatest Showman - A Million Dreams
. La La Land - Audition
. Jem & The Holograms - I’m Still Here

This character is sort of a mashup of all this plus me!
“I close my eyes and I can see a world that’s waiting up for me. / So bring on the rebels, the ripples from pebbles, the painters and poets and plays. / There is a story written in the stars, that makes it worth it just to bear these scars.”

[More snaps and clips coming later!]

Monday, February 26, 2024

Where it Begun

I wanted to do something special as a way of marking the beginning of what I should have done long ago but I'm only now allowing myself to: doing Performing Arts to my heart's content, as I've been yearning for, for how fulfilling it is to me. So I went back to where it started. Kind of, because, technically, it all started in front of a TV. 

This is the National Conservatory of Music, this is where I used to regularly perform as a member of my school's choir and choreography groups. It was all so magical to me then. It still is for me today. And I'm glad I could capture some of it 30 years later. 

I still remember what it was like for me, the excitement of hearing which songs we would be performing next, what roles we would get, and all that went into rehearsing over and over again - not only until we got it right, but until we couldn't get it wrong. That and how divine it was when it was all properly assembled and happening at last. 

Performing Arts isn't for the weak. You must be passionate about it, yes, but people often forget to mention how much discipline it also takes. And if you think about it, it IS insane to devote to it. Still, I'm amazed by those mad enough to pursue it, whether for the trance state in the process, for the static state at the outcome, or both. 

This is something that some of us not only want in our lives, but NEED. Because we would be miserable otherwise, as it is an undeniable part of ourselves. I wish I had understood this sooner so I would have never given it up instead of constantly looking for ways to justify it to myself and to others - and failing. Sometimes figuring out what you must do is as simple as doing what you love merely because you love it and that's enough. We need to do what we love. If not fully, at least partly. 

Truth be told, to a degree, it indeed is a privilege to be able to pursue Performing Arts. So if you can't or couldn't do it, that's understandable. It's how it was for me. But if you find yourself with moments to spare and craving for it, maybe you should stop putting it off. Make your inner child happy and leave your deathbed you without regrets. 

There's the risk of crippling, paralyzing, and intensely painful perfectionism biting back. Regardless, that can be overcome so that instead you can eagerly look forward to every bit of progress you make - including noticing what you could be doing better. I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying it's doable. 

I won't get the years that passed back. And admittedly, they weren't all lacking as I did get to occupy myself with other passions of mine. But I'm overjoyed for the years I still have left to indulge in how wonderful Performing Arts (and Music in particular) is...

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Maturity is Alluring

Maturity (not to be mistaken for cynicism, defeatism, or plain boringness), among much else, has a certain appeal to many - but especially to those who are themselves mature or striving for maturity. Speaking mainly of character, which encompasses the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, here's a quick list of a few (in no particular order) of the traits that make it so:

1. Once a level of trust has been built, communication is open and clear.
2. After many lived experiences, many observations have been made and lessons have been learned.
3. Less likely to be impressed by trivial and vapid things.
4. Heightened ability to look past illusions.
5. Able to form their own opinions, revise their beliefs, and consider views and gathered input.
6. Have proved themselves to themselves, not as interested in proving themselves to others.
7. Can laugh at the absurdity that is taken too seriously.
8. Has seen enough to not miss the forest for the trees.
9. Smoothly handles what could have others stressed or even panicking.
10. Takes failure and rejection with relative ease.
11. Ambitions and aspirations go beyond worldly rewards.
12. Appreciates the simple and small - yet meaningful - things once taken for granted.
13. Solves issues and/or gets along with family and friends they may have had minor differences with.
14. Realizes we're in a game and that the rules are questionable.
15. Possesses an immense and intricate universe within.
16. A grasp on their likes and dislikes, until/unless they shift again.
17. The wittiness and cleverness that comes with wisdom and not just intelligence.
18. A long history of chances they've taken, where they led, and how they turned out.
19. Values and forges deep connections and lasting relationships.
20. Commitment, at least to what's right for them and after careful evaluation, is not taken as a suffocating cage to desperately escape from and it is instead stabilizing.

These are some of the ones that stand out for me the most. But you can surely think of more!

Pisces' Basics

Transit Date: Late February.
Concluding Winter.

Position: 12th.
Element: Water.
Quality: Mutable.

Symbolized by: The Fish.
Typically Associated with: Spirituality, dreams, art. 

At Best: Mystical and soothing.
At Worst: Withdrawn and fleeting.

For context and more of relevance, please read about The Zodiac.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Go and Be where You're Loved

Some may say or assume that going and being where you're loved is a conceited thing to do, that you're just looking to stroke your ego and make it bigger, but I promise you that going and being where you're loved will make you a better person than haters (overt or covert) ever will. Because love (the true kind) isn't about boot licking and butt kissing, it won't be a praiser of traits and an enabler of behaviors that you're better off without. Nor will it, if it can be helped, pass on trauma and try to disguise it as "tough love". And it won't necessarily make you passive, either. Because while you might no longer be motivated by the vices that you are while in a hostile and combative environment, you can still be motivated by virtues that will take you further and higher. And you'll sleep better.

Deal with haters when you must in your endeavors, but worry not about allowing love in your life.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Valentine Celebration

In February, we celebrate Valentine!

Spread the love.
Love others, love yourself.
Care and consideration go a long way.
If you're lonely, do not fret.
You can still pamper yourself.