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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Saturation in Colors

Then what about saturation? Saturation refers to how rich and vibrant a color is in being, well, colorful. The same color can have varying degrees of saturation. For example, red is still red whether it is muted or vivid in terms of saturation. Though, at some point, they may be given a different name.

Muted colors, which are those with low saturation, tend toward gray and can come across as more modest, as if withdrawn or refusing to stand out too much. They may also blend with a somber atmosphere composed of somber moods. Typically, they denote a degree of lifelessness.

Whereas, vivid colors, which are those with high saturation, tend toward the maximum expression of color and come across as more explosive, as if unable to hold themselves back and eager to make an impression. They may also combine with a hyper atmosphere composed of hyper moods. Typically, they denote a degree of liveliness.

Going all the way up in saturation can result in a practically unpleasant-to-look-at mess. However, going all the way down in saturation results in something that many can appreciate: black & white. Usually, black & white visuals take us back in time, given the history of photography, how colors could not be so easily recreated in images, so much was in black and white (and the grays between them). But it may also bring that touch of elegance often attributed to classics. Furthermore, it could be purposefully neutralizing so that the characteristics of colors with saturation become irrelevant and the focus can go to other aspects of what is visible. You may argue that it makes it more soulful too.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Called to Power

Something that used to weigh heavily on me and is again hitting me is the unfortunate reality that power attracts different kinds of people. And quite often, it is the least honorable kind. People who are mostly driven by their ego, with little to no regard for others. Just out for themselves, their greed, their vanity, and their pride. Possibly their stifling and overcontroling ways, too. And this isn't new, it's part of life and what people are like. But it can be discouraging to think about or be acutely aware of if you care about the world or just would rather not live in a horrible one. And it is especially ironic that many of the healthiest people are not as compelled to gain power to the same degree. So that pretty much leaves us with a bunch of sick people with a lot of power.

That's why I exhort you, that if you have a good heart and your head is in the right place, do not sleep on your power. In whatever form is meant for you. Because then there won't be enough people to stand against those who'd do awful things with it. Seek to have and maintain power. As much as you can drive yourself to without going mad.

You may have been conditioned to believe power-seeking is in itself bad or sinful, but that's an inaccurate conclusion reached through a lack of nuance. It is the power-hungry bastards that have made it look so, but it is not always the case. You may have even heard that it corrupts people, but that's not necessarily so either. It corrupts you if you let it or if you were already corrupt to begin with and it allows you to enact more of that. And even if you don't fully believe all this, it may still be internalized to the extent that it is holding you back. So you must deprogram and reprogram yourself to view it differently, allowing yourself to be more drawn to it.

And for what it's worth, you are not alone. You may have been born or stumbled upon a series of terrible or questionable people. But if you look closely or elsewhere, you will find that there are still many who are genuinely concerned with bettering themselves and bettering the world. And no, not just for show. Injustice and suffering are truly upsetting to them and move them into corrective and constructive action.  

I am crippled in the sense that there is only so much that I can take on before becoming physically ill, but I can assure you that I do as much as I can with what I recognize to be my particular gifts. You could go through periods when you're searching for what yours are, periods when you're developing them, and periods when you're putting them into use. Might have periods when they overlap too. But there's a high chance that there's something significant that you can do, big or small, that helps keep reality from becoming an unbearable nightmare.

Contrast in Colors

You could take notice of contrast as well. Contrast is basically how much difference is there between one thing and another. When it comes to colors, this difference can be in tone, luminosity, and other attributes. And typically, we call it low contrast when there is not much and high contrast when there is.

When a piece of artwork has low contrast, the play of colors within it is more subtle. It may even prompt you to relax and become more sensitive to the moderate and gradual differences that exist in it, to savor and/or appraise them more carefully. They tend to induce serenity as the elements gently flow into and through each other. 

Alternatively, when a piece of artwork has high contrast, the play of colors within it is more striking. It jumps at you, rattles, and shakes you up, and you can hardly miss the differences when they are so impactfully obvious. They tend to provoke tension as the elements brashly impose themselves and take up their space.

Needless to say, there is a sort of charm in either. One may evoke a sort of haziness while the other a sort of alertness. One blends while the other clashes. Both compose reality and can be spotted all over.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI

Saturday, March 23, 2024

My Pinterest Is Active!

I reactivated my Pinterest. Mostly for myself because I like having things visually all in one place, but also for any of my dear readers who might also enjoy looking at boards and pins. 

I decided to tend to only two boards: Vibes and Articles. The Vibes board is basically where I'll pin photos that capture my lifestyle or how life is going for me outside of the digital/virtual world (photos that I take regardless of having any use for them other than to hold on to a moment). And the Articles board is, well, just many of my articles pinned for more accessibility.

I'll try to add to them both at least once a month. So you can check them out now and later on!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Tapping Into Mysteries

To tap into the mysteries within and all around, it helps tremendously to have developed skills such as questioning, pattern recognition, synthesizing, categorization, and so forth along with metacognition. You must be observant and at least a bit skeptical so that you can properly gather the knowledge that you require to correctly reach conclusions or stick with the facts. Depending on where you are at these, the task could be light or heavy for you. But with practice, it would happen effortlessly - until you run into something else that could deeply confuse you (which happens to even the best).

More than a Mere Coincidence

Some of the most strange and inexplicable events happened to me upon a series of “coincidences” that turned out to be more than just that and opened my eyes to more levels of existence and comprehension, bringing more meaning and significance to everything. I would not have imagined them, let alone planned them myself. But as they were impossible to ignore, I then let them lead me and went with them.

Creatures from Dreams

Something that not many know is that, in the background, there are a few creatures that appeared to me in dreams during difficult moments and eased my suffering and struggle. I consider them good fortune so I gladly have them around.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Aries' Description

Aries, as the first sign of the Zodiac, as well as being a fire sign and a cardinal sign, is recognized as the sign with the most impetus to charge forward and take initiative. This is a sign that is often associated with characteristics such as boldness and bravery. Possibly reckless impulsivity. Nonetheless, it is a trailblazer. Where Aries is, there is little to no hesitation - unless its energy is blocked or overruled. But even then, it might be pushing toward action. Daring to go and do what others wouldn't. Its restlessness may lead it into exhilarating activities. Often seen as peculiar individuals who are aggressively original.

Evolutively, from a spiritual standpoint, this is the youngest sign. It is the part of the soul that is new and impatient to venture into experiencing what life has to offer.

For context and more of relevance, please read about The Zodiac.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Locking into Purpose

If you are the kind of person who is most strongly motivated by having some sort of purpose that goes beyond gaining immediate rewards and avoiding immediate punishments, whatever forms they may take for you, and is most called by something far away that is grander than that, you could become disoriented and shiftless unless you lock into a purpose that you can be aligned with and pushes you forward.

Sometimes we already are without realizing it, but other times we must reflect a bit to spot and hold it. It can be something lifelong, or to last a couple decades or so, maybe just a few years, or something to get you through the remaining months of this one. You could figure out what currently works for you so that you can be on track and fulfillingly so.

When something or someone comes along, promising or faking a future and you're hit with the reality that it won't be happening or that it can't be counted on, it can throw you off and leave you worse than you were prior to it. That's in part because it meddled with your concept of the future and therefore your purpose. You must then return to what was before or reach for more solid ambitions and aspirations.

You have the rest of your life ahead of you. Maybe you already have plenty going on to keep you occupied and just turning your focus back to it would do. But maybe there's room for more that would make your life better and more worth waking up every day for. It can be tangible and intangible aims. Like homemaking and personal growth, or what suits you (I'm still going for my intricate and elaborate alternate universes).

And remember, what success looks like is different for different people. You don't have to trade a life well lived for vainglory in things that ultimately make you or keep you empty and miserable. You can go for what makes you the best version of you.

Luminosity in Colors

Then there comes how dark or bright colors, or a combination of them, are. Light is quite often taken symbolically. But in the physical sense, it is also quite significant. Light can show or hide objects and the details in them. It can hit and reflect off them. It can pass through matter that could amplify, intensify, diminish, block, or colorize it. It can cast shadows, weak or strong. And as it interacts, it may highlight, outline, or distort what is in sight. A play of lights is fascinating to look at in itself.

When it comes to choosing colors and how illuminated a piece of work will be overall, understanding how light works in the physical plane may be required, depending on what you're making or attempting to make. But also, before all that, you could decide whether it will be mostly dark or mostly bright. 

The moods and energies that darkness transmits can drastically differ from those that brightness does. Typically, darkness goes in hand with the unknown, the scary, and being closed off (may feel more intimate, too). While brightness goes with the evident, the amicable, and being open (may feel more casual, too). And when they don't, it comes as unexpected. They can also be compared as different realms. The inner and the outer or the under and the over. Either is worth exploring, yet one is more tempting to stay in for longer - what kind of creature you are will tell.

Interestingly, though, they're both made more intricate by having at least a bit of each other. Because, otherwise, you couldn't exactly perceive what is happening there. It'd be too dark or too bright to make many distinctions. You could opt to achieve a balance or land in a spot leaning more to one than another, all with your particular choice of colors.

You may as well play with the idea that one side can be more intimidating while the other can be more approachable, one vile and the other pure. Or appear or come across as such, whether or not that will ultimately be the case, as looks can be deceiving. And maybe it has more to do with how well something or someone can mesh with them.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Wishing You The Best Because I Love You

One thing you can be sure about me is that I'll always want what's best for those I can call my friends - even when it costs me. I don't always know what that is exactly, but would hate to get in the way of it.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Don't Worry, Drink Coffee & Have a Good Day

That time I treated myself to a cup of coffee while waiting for a spot to open. This was at the beginning of the year, but wanted to share it now anyway. Before too long.

I'm not really an advocate for caffeine (not in too large amounts, anyway), but cups like this one amuse and uplift me. Hopefully, it'll at least put a small smile on your face.

I don't know how you're doing exactly. But if something is troubling you and is getting bigger than it truly is in your head, take this as a sign that life still goes on. One day at a time, it'll get sorted out. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and continue to enjoy the little things in life - which aren't so little after all. 

It gets better. And if it doesn't, we get smarter, stronger, braver, and even more humorous. Until it does get better.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

No Character Development?

Character can indeed be developed, it is not only a fictional thing, but you can't quite always count on it happening for real. 

Character, or personal, development only happens if you truly opt in for it to happen and are able to absorb and integrate it within yourself past surface levels - so that there is an internal transformation that transforms your external behaviors rather than merely "transforming" your behaviors. It should get to your core and change your values and your principles for the better, not just your beliefs on what is the proper (or convenient) way to act.

Unfortunately, this is a sort of depth that many cannot be bothered to reach or even have access to. So we are coexisting with people who might never quite be on the same page as you if you are in constant evolution. And it can get lonely. Regardless, it is still worthwhile in order to free yourself of crippling, paralyzing, and self-sabotaging wounds, ills, and misguidances that you could be operating under. 

In my case, it was character development that got rid of my 3-7 nightmares per night. Something I still count as one of the greatest achievements in my life because, boy, was I tormented by it. Along with much more that is allowing me not only to function better than before but also to have a clear conscience and a more fulfilling life. And I still have more to work on to be at my absolute best.

It can be discouraging and lower morale to be surrounded by people who pay little to no attention to this, but this is something that you can do for yourself and your loved ones regardless. Solving or improving on whatever it is that is keeping you from treating yourself and others well...

Monday, March 11, 2024

Releasing Undue Obligations

If you haven't already, and you're stepping away from a role permanently or for a prolonged period, having been responsible, be sure to psychologically untangle yourself from it as well.

Take conscious note of how that job and its tasks are no longer your responsibility.
How you did what you could or what was required of you already.
How compensation for it did or did not do your work justice.
How the outcome of it without you is not in your hands.

And especially if you are the type to be overly concerned about others, remember that you can only help those willing to accept your help and that you are not obligated to help at the sacrifice of yourself. If it's not doing you well and there's not even enough to make up for it, give yourself permission to walk away without remorse.

There is a form of instant karma that happens when continually offering assistance where such assistance is not properly valued and honored as it would be better offered where it is more deserved (or saved).

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Role Models? Maybe, Maybe not.

Some people come and pass through your life to show you what you'd wish to be more like.
Others to show you what you'd wish to be less like.
And others show you both.

Temperature in Colors

Where colors are present, temperature also comes into play. Because of the way they normally appear in nature, certain colors can be more associated with coldness (as cool) than with hotness (as warm) and vice-versa. With some being somewhere in and near the middle. And because of this association, they can evoke a sense of temperature in us. In some cases, for those sensitive enough, they may even “trick” their brains into experiencing these temperatures.

That’s right, if you are cold and you expose yourself to what would be called cool colors, you could feel even colder. And if you’re hot and focus on cool colors, they may take your mind off the hot degrees and make it cooler for you. Likewise when it comes to warm colors.

Furthermore, cold temperatures tend to be tied to a state of relaxation and stillness, while hot temperatures tend to be tied to a state of agitation and rush. Resembling and inducing the differences of passive and receptive versus active and imposing. Could also refer to how closed off or lifeless someone or something is.

An icy blue is the epitome of a cold color, with turquoise and mint following close, while a burning red is the epitome of a hot color, with orange and yellow following close. But that’s just keeping it simple. The colors adjacent to these in the color wheel can fall into their respective categories. Along with more colors and “technically, not really a color” that simply make sense for each category. It's not completely clear-cut.

You could create a piece from scratch and select the colors for it with this concept in mind. Or you can choose an already existing piece and tweak its colors to achieve a more defined temperature with them (though some may not translate as well because of the contradicting values they may already contain).

To be safe in utilizing colors for your artwork in an attempt to transmit temperature with them, don’t only mind the colors you are choosing, but also the objects and other components around that they are applied to. Unless you are going for something surreal with the intent of having clashing elements and manage to gracefully pull it off.

Overall, whether made conscious or not, temperature plays a significant role in how a piece will be perceived and interpreted, along with what kind of effect and level of impact it will have. Whether for metaphorical meaning or for literal sensation. Especially on artistic fellows who are particularly able to pick up on this.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Adjusting to a Diet

This is a friendly reminder that, if you're suddenly and drastically taking on or being put on a diet, the way to adjust to it isn't to sit around fighting and lamenting the habits and cravings you no longer can fulfill. You must find something else to compensate for it - preferably something that will be good for you but also takes your mind off of it enough. Whether that's drinking more water, having healthy snacks more often, exercising more, immersing in more books for either education or entertainment, putting yourself to work on more engaging projects, etc. You won't get over it overnight, but you will.

Find Each Other and Leave Me Alone

I don't like masochists because I'm not a sadist.
I don't like sadists because I'm not a masochist.
I don't like sadomasochists because I'm neither.
May they find each other and leave me alone.

(I love my close friends and chosen family.
Still believe I won the lottery with them.)

Adventures and Misadaventures

Thankful for the real ones. For all the nutritious and delicious food. For the great art.
And for those who've stuck with me despite the wide range of adventures and misadventures I go through.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Color Meanings

Since color is everywhere, for one or more reasons, it is useful to learn their meanings and what they’re typically associated with as well as what moods they tend to evoke. This gets jumbled up because there are similarities and overlaps between them, and words can fall short, so I’ll try to make clear distinctions between them.

Symbolically, there is power in every shade of color, although it is more often than not acknowledged for only the few with characteristics that we recognize as powerful under circumstances we are commonly forced into. But they all can be at an advantage or at a disadvantage, given the scenario.

White relates to rectitude. It may be attributed to purity, coming from innocence and naivete, but it is not necessarily so. This purity may have more to do with having revised and polished principles and values by which you’re guided that may simultaneously guard you or even give you immunity against corruption. White is often portrayed where there is celestial divinity and clarity so brilliant that it can be momentarily blinding. White evokes a sense of safety and sanity.

Black relates to the unknown (an enigma). Where darkness reigns, there is intrigue and an intensity that can be intimidating. It may be attributed to evil, but that is usually the projection of one’s fears. In the absence of visibility, you could expect the worst. Black is often used to show a void and what has been consumed by horror. Black evokes a sense of preservation - by any means.

Red relates to will. Often attributed to vitality and stamina, and rightly so. Impulsivity and potential recklessness. It is a force to be reckoned with. Almost completely unstoppable. Red comes up where there is an undeniable passion and a fieriness that is hard to extinguish. Red evokes a sense of danger (which may excite or scare).

Orange relates to resources. Having different tools and materials - and making the most of them. Frequently attributed to creative leadership, but I’d call it thinking outside the box and going further because of it. Orange is often where pleasure and enthusiasm are, as well as what stands out. Orange evokes a sense of possibility.

Yellow relates to confidence. And joy. But not just any joy. The liberating childlike joy that is free from inhibitions. Attributed to illumination, it also refers to wit and cleverness - or eureka moments. Yellow is seen where there is happiness and a vibrant disposition. Yellow evokes a sense of audacity.

Green relates to restoration. Mostly attributed to nature and healing, it may have negative connotations too. However, in essence, it speaks of remedies and medicine. Green is where attunement and nourishment are. Green evokes a sense of renewal.

Blue relates to harmony. Attributed to security and trustworthiness, it can also be about getting along or safeguarding that. False and detrimental relations won’t do. This is about reliability. Blue appears where you can or are invited to let down your defenses. Blue evokes a sense of sincerity.

Purple relates to mysticism. Attributed to mystery and what goes beyond. It is tied to wisdom and spirit. Looking into the abstract. Purple permeates that which is considered sorcery or merely esoteric. Purple evokes a sense of depth.

Pink relates to endearment. Although mainly attributed to tender romances, it is not limited to that. It regards what is lovely to us and how gentle that makes us. Whether that’s a partner, a friend, a family member, or anything else that can be cherished. Pink appears as what is soft and sweet. Pink evokes a sense of care.

Brown relates to practicality. Attributed to grounded and methodical work as well as the other side of that coin, which is a resoluteness that can come across as obstinate. As if stuck in its ways. However, it may be more about having made sure of the approach. Brown can be found where there are chores and the cozy rewards after them. Brown evokes a sense of responsibility.

There is more to all of them, but maybe this is enough to start getting to know them and what they bring in and out.

Colors are intentionally and unintentionally used to convey more or to enact a response. It is worth pointing out, however, that they are also at times used to pass as what is not, which would be reprimandable if done for the sake of or what could result in harmful deceit. Otherwise, though, they can be played with for a wide range of experiences.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

It's been a Bit of Everything

Credit where credit is due. And I do believe that it’s better that I do this sooner rather than later.

I’m an artist. I love art. I love artists. And I would be lying if I said I owe it all to myself to have the wonderful life that I do now. It may not be as flashy as others, but it sure is filled with art.

Although I’ve always been quite critical and selective, that hasn’t closed me off from considering and integrating from others what could resonate with me in essence and continue to elaborate on it. Yes, I’ve been wary of being too impressionable, but you should also be wary of being too stubborn. As artists and other great individuals can expand your horizons and enrich your worldview. Possibly also help you in very practical ways on your path - artistic or otherwise. Art cleanses, mends, patches, uplifts, and empowers.

With that said, some of the major influences on my journey include these iconic people:

Yes, I did have a boyband craze phase. And no, I’m not even ashamed of it. These guys are amazing. They’re sweet, funny, witty, and overall lovable along with being talented and skilled at what they do. They are a part of what made my childhood so good and the driving force for me to learn English sooner rather than later (sometimes being obsessed with stars yields benefits). Obsessed with their choreographies and trying to go along with them too. And not sorry to say that my one and only celebrity crush, in which they didn’t even know I existed, was Lance Bass. Other celebrities, I’ve liked you but not that crazily.

He is quite the problematic character, ain’t he? I might never be fully sure how seriously he should be taken, but I’ve always appreciated how he exposed hypocrisy and vanity in others, as well as how shamelessly crass (& gross) he could be. Why? It’s quite raw. Could relate to his inability to nicely tolerate people for long, too. How he would make up characters and enact horrible or just terrible behaviors with them is something I found genius and worthwhile. I wanna see this side of life too and it’s best brought to light.

 Linkin Park
I worry about the generations growing up without these guys. And it still pains me that Chester Bennington is gone. But at least there’s still his legacy and the rest of the band around. Their work made me think and feel beyond what I otherwise would. To further question myself and all around me. To better spot injustices and lack of integrity. All while being hardcore badasses that could rock the world. It also offered solace and guidance for times I felt lost and alone as someone who didn’t quite fit in. And frankly, didn’t want to either.

 My Chemical Romance
Sometimes you hit rock bottom, and you’re so sick and done with everything that you can barely get up, let alone strive for much. And who’s there when that happens? Someone who gets it because they are or have been there too. You may joke about how “nobody understands me” is such an emo line, but there’s some truth in it. There are things you can only grasp when you go into and dwell in darkness. Then you’re so thoroughly unimpressed by all the shallow and trivial things that most others seem to care about. And somebody has to tell them that they ain’t that special. I needed this band during my worst years and I’m fortunate it was there. Excuse me as I sort myself into the emo faction, where some of the most wise and compassionate ride-or-dies are. (Hey, as a new generation of emos arises, we now have a new name: The Elder Emos.)

 Within Temptation
At some point, it all became too much for me to bear and I was saved. Yes, there is a reason why I so viscerally despise the phrase “nobody is coming to save you”. Because, taken out of context, not only is it pessimistic and excuses indifference, but it is also factually incorrect (you don’t know that). I was saved and I continue to be saved in different degrees. And try to be there for others as well. Somebody I literally owe my life to introduced me further to these glorious metalheads and they became the epic soundtrack of the soul-searching I was due for. Their music isn’t only insightful but also charges your spirit up so it won’t die, crushed under the weight of a meaningless reality. And don’t even get me started about symbolism!

 Taylor Swift
Well, this is an unexpected turn of events. I didn’t expect to like her this much, but then I did. After being sapped of my innocence and along it my sense of wonder, it was pleasant to see it still existed somewhere. Though, at first, I could resent it (how dare she have the support and safety I lacked), it eventually swept over me, instead bringing a valuable message: kindness is extremely important and love doesn’t have to be taboo or even a myth. I’ll indulge in her stories, whether because they’re relatable or because they show how it could have been different. Also, let’s not forget how resilient she’s been. Not to undermine others who have endured much, but she did have to face and overcome what was probably the worst time to be a popular topic - whether that accomplishment can be attributed to how cared for she’s been or not, it is quite the feat. And that I’ll forever applaud.

Now, as I moved on to more commitedly making content, I inevitably came across:

 Mr. Beast
This freakin’ kid is putting adults to shame. And you could argue that his deeds are only for the clicks, views, and follows, as they proved to work for him. But they’re still deeds that are helping others. I imagine he can just fan himself with all the money he makes despite - or because of - the controversy he causes whenever he does something that seems too good to be true. Not to mention all the fun he seems to be having while putting himself in different situations for his content. Hence, I’m not concerned… I don’t know him personally so I can’t speak much against or in his favor, but I’m glad he is at the top of the game, moving money around and actually getting stuff done. It made the whole scene more tolerable for me. And while I will not rival him, I too want to contribute to making the world better.

And yet, I believe everything would have been so much harder or even impossible if it wasn’t for the existence of:

Been a customer since the first day I could be. It has saved me money, time, and effort as well as opened up possibilities for me to pursue my interests beyond what I had available around me. It is a relief to know that whatever I need or want I can quickly and easily find in that store without fearing something will go wrong. I can enjoy wandering out and browsing local stores, but the convenience of online shopping is undeniable. Some of the Prime Video originals have been heaven-sent, too. And all the books made accessible, no matter how niche, have been a blessing to me. I still aspire to sell digital and physical products through it and I’m thankful that they facilitate that and more. Kudos to Jeff Bezos for what he’s built and what he shares.

I still wonder what really possessed Elon Musk to take on the challenge of championing the (seemingly lost) cause of free speech, but regardless, it benefits me. Even while I’m not doing much with the paths he’s opening up for truth-seekers and truth-tellers, it is alleviating. The way things were going, I could have been forced out of what lets me breathe. Maybe spiraled down into oblivion. I can only go against the current so much before drowning in it. And I’m sure that’s also the case for plenty of others. With the whole ordeal, many have been showing their true colors and it can be disappointing and discouraging, but also comforting as those who also honor truth, as uncomfortable as it can be to get to it and find it, come out from hiding and join in. I stand for it in part because, to me, without it, art wouldn’t be the same.

Last but not least:

||| I’d be so thoroughly damaged still if it wasn’t for the people who, despite having little to no incentive to do so besides being purposeful, have devoted themselves to helping others heal and grow. Spotting and tending to wounds they, themselves, didn’t cause. You can be quite a pain, but a worthwhile one at that. Your dedication to see it all through, even when it is hard and difficult, is rare these days and I wish you get back as much as you give out and more because you deserve it. Addressing everything from the environment to what makes us human at our core, respecting and embracing nature while cutting through illusions. Your attention to detail is unparalleled and it is fundamental for a diverse and inclusive ecosystem where more organisms can thrive and not succumb or perish by the force of the less symbiotic ones. I hope you are always around and I’ll do my best to shelter and promote you whenever I can and you require me to. Please never give up! It may not seem like it, but you all are miracle workers.

Friday, March 1, 2024


On to another cycle!
Here’s your reminder to grab your calendar and set your alarms.
Try not to miss the birthdays of those special to you.
Do something nice for them if not just congratulate them.

Another Spring

Another spring arrives...
Gardens, picnics, salads, and juice.
With plants growing and flowers starting to bloom again,
you may walk forward as you enjoy the scenery.
Inspired by how it all begins to come to life once more.