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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Points on Reasoning

 #1  Everyone is prone to having fallacies in their reasoning. However, some aren't even aware that they exist, some only vaguely know of them, some can somewhat sense and recognize them, some actively check for them to avoid them, and some are clear on them and steer clear of them but might still commit them every now and then. And anything across that spectrum. 

 #2  Ridding yourself of fallacies is essential if you're seeking to learn and tell the truth. It is not supposed to make you agreeable, quite the contrary (depending on who you surround yourself with). So only a few would care to invest in it.

 #3  Biases, assumptions, misconceptions, and distortions can usually happen subconsciously before conscious reasoning takes place, becoming, then, faulty premises that lead to fallacies. Therefore, reflecting deeply is fundamental to access truths.

 #4  Many are able to live with incoherent and incongruent views and beliefs without being bothered by the cognitive dissonance that they create. Quite often, though, it does make them especially defensive and quick to take offense. Not because there has been a real violation, but because their fragile system is threatened to collapse.

 #5  As a gift that can feel like a curse but can be a blessing in disguise, some are utterly unable to entertain or adopt lies. It makes them restless. It can be maddening and sickening to them. They'd be drawn to revise or, if suppressing enough, have things come up in their dreams or as involuntary voices in their head. These are the people who do not thrive within systems built on illusions and delusions.