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Saturday, September 30, 2023

NSYNC's Music of My Heart

I thought I would be doing this next year, once I had everything in order and would at last go all into cherishing the art and the artists that have meant much to me and that I am to honor. But with NSYNC reuniting all of a sudden (and what a shocking and pleasant surprise that was!), I ended up listening to many of their old songs again and felt compelled to bring up this gem before the month ends.

This song came out a bit later, after my carefree days in which I could be their "#1 Fan" were over and I had to put my attention on more pressing matters, but I still loved it so.

I was fortunate to know a love like this during my difficult teenage years and I was so glad that it was so beautifully put into melodic words and interpreted by no other than NSYNC. I was still very young back then and my heart, to tell you the truth, wasn't all that developed yet. But I was shown this kind of love and it became a kind of love that I've given, too, and aspire to be able to continue to give.

Some may say that love songs corrode people's brains, but I don't believe that. Not necessarily, anyway. If anything, I believe that if more people were open to be moved by songs like this one, we'd have a kinder world. And to other type of songs, too, that teach standards and boundaries. But I'm being idealistic.

In any case, though my obsessive phase is now pretty embarrassing (hey, I had my reasons for liking them so much!), I'm not embarrassed to say that I love this boy band. And it makes me so ridiculously happy to see them together again! So much that I can't even fully process it. It feels like a dream. 

I hope they'll keep delighting us with more because these guys are amazing in countless ways. Some of the happiest years of my life were years I indulged in their work. And it's bewildering because I'd been desperately trying to return to that magical epoch!

Also, nobody asked, but in case anyone's wondering: Lance Bass was my NSYNC crush. Until I realized I didn't even know what a crush really was. 😅 Then Chris Kirkpatrick was my favorite because of his goofy humor! 😁 But of course, I adored all of them and would fight anyone to defend them. 

Today, I'm rooting and cheering for all of NSYNC! 💙