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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Points on Multiple Intelligences (Part 2)

 #1  Kinesthetic Intelligence - Physical attunement and coordination. Dexterity with hands-on activities. Athletic potential.  

 #2  Naturalistic Intelligence - Connection with plants and nature in general. Perceptiveness and understanding of balance and symbiosis. Patience and sensitivity to realistically and properly help organisms grow and thrive. 

 #3  Intrapersonal Intelligence - Deep relationship with the self. Intense interest in self-discovery and self-development. Honoring one's true gifts, preferences, aspirations, and purpose.

 #4  Interpersonal Intelligence - Graceful relationships with others. Responding and meeting others' needs and wants without allowing resentment to form and accumulate. Noticing good and ill-will between people. Mediation, diplomacy, and placating.

 #5  Existential Intelligence - Philosophical pondering and reflection. Seeing beyond and above. Asking difficult questions about life, people, the world, and the universe, and searching for their possible answers. Grasping the meaning of destiny, fate, and more.