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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Points on Multiple Intelligences (Part 1)

 #1  The brain is quite a complex organ and so is intelligence. Intelligence is traditionally associated with the ability to think logically and technically, but there's more to it. You could also count emotional intelligence, which deals with feelings instead of thoughts, and have two general types of intelligence. However, the theory of multiple intelligences categorizes intelligence into 9 types. 

 #2  Mathematical Intelligence - Puts 2 and 2 together. Precise and accurate in its calculations. Takes into account relevant factors for the equation. Able to grasp the formula behind and under matters as well as to apply formulas to matters.

 #3  Linguistic Intelligence - Ease expressing and comprehending through words and sentences, whether spoken or written. Drawn to languages, including coding. Deciphering messages or delivering them through letters and what they can convey.

 #4  Spatial Intelligence - Grasping the dimensions of space as well as the sizes and forms of objects within it. Adeptness at visualizing and moving them for different purposes (functional, aesthetic, strategic, etc.), making the most of it.

 #5  Musical Intelligence - Affinity to sounds and melody. Sensitivity to noise and harmony. Responsiveness to waves and frequencies. Delicacy and/or proficiency at either or both composing and performing musical pieces.