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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Points on Research

 #1  Research can go on forever (or, well, for longer than necessary) if you get caught up in circles and/or continue to pay mind to lies (in the form of excuses, arguments, etc.) out of an attempt to collect as much data or evidence as possible. So, recognizing how much credibility a source actually has can serve you to decide how invested you will be in it.

 #2  The divide between words and actions, often referred to as hypocrisy, can indeed be very telling. Yet, things aren't always so simple. Regardless, pay attention. Is there any practice or is it only theoretical play? Are you or people saying things out of convenience or because they are truly meant? 

 #3  There's a difference between being in an echo chamber and being in alignment with truth seekers. Both can put you at ease and be of comfort. However, in the latter, it is not because you hear what you want to hear even if it is a lie, but because you hear what you want to hear for it is the truth (or the closest to it available) regardless of what that is.

 #4  You always win if you debate to get to the truth rather than to be right. Because if you're right, you shared a truth. And if you're wrong, you discover a truth.

 #5  Certain topics of discussion do merit some level of tact and consideration, if not to be left untouched altogether (temporarily or indefinitely). It takes maturity to discern what they are, where, and when.