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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Knowledge, Intelligence, and Wisdom

Are you knowledgeable, intelligent, or wise? Or a combination of those? These qualities are at times taken as synonyms, or as practically being the same, but it serves to properly distinguish them.
They are intertwined and feed each other, but they don't necessarily go by the same amount and are in perfect balance. You can be knowledgeable, but not too intelligent. For example. Or wise but, crazy as it sounds, not as knowledgeable. And you can be intelligent without being very knowledgeable or wise. And so on.

Knowledge is data collected. Intelligence is the ability to sort and process data coherently. Wisdom is the result of arranging and connecting data for valuable insight and hindsight. Put simply.

Having all three at high levels would be a great advantage, but we naturally tend to one more than another. And whether we realize it or not, we are constantly exercising it over the rest. Yet, if one or more go too neglected, it is going to detrimentally impact whichever you're exercising no matter how much you exercise it. And you'll suffer for it.

That is how you get people who are addicted to gossip and/or trivialities (knowledge but little to no intelligence and wisdom), people who are devil advocates (intelligence but little to no knowledge and wisdom), and madmen speaking gibberish (wisdom but little to no knowledge and intelligence). There are many factors to consider, but you get the idea.

If you're making art that sends a message, you should have some sort of substance by employing these qualities. Because, else, what are you making really?