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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

@ Newcomers

If you’re a kindred spirit, someone who cares about the mission of “Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities”, not only for yourself but for other artists and aspiring artists as well, welcome! This place is still in its earliest stages. It will continue to be filled, improved, and enhanced over time. More will become clearer as it goes on, but you can drop questions and I’ll get to them right away or eventually (unless I happen to miss them). Ask again if that seems to be the case. I may tell you to wait for when I will answer it or if it will not be answered at all (when too personal or private). Feel free to make the contributions you'd like to make and to come and go as it suits you. Whether you check in every day or not, and whether you check everywhere I post or not, it is fine. You be well!