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Friday, September 1, 2023

Why Do Celebrations Matter?

Have you ever lived for a considerably prolonged period without celebrating anything? Celebrations may seem silly - pointless even - but they play a role. Perhaps they have little to no effect on you, but perhaps they do more than you realize.

Celebrations can give you something to look forward to and to endure for. They can also be gratifying enough to reset you so that you can keep going until another one comes. Furthermore, because there is a wide variety of them, they get to stimulate you in different ways so that you aren't stuck in monotony. And as if that isn't enough already, the act of celebrating itself can shift you into a mindset of cherishing and honoring where and when you are. And for those suffering from a major disconnect, they can be anchoring in a positive way.

The link between artists and celebrations isn't new. Both in craving them and in constituting them. Celebrations are yet another opening for art in many forms to imbue and elevate life.

There may be celebrations that you detest and celebrations that you adore. And that's fine. You're probably free to choose which to participate in and which to avoid, too. You're also probably able to celebrate some in your own style. Not everyone is born to party so it is okay if you can't match others' enthusiasm. Just, please, don't deprive yourself of all of them and let your existence become bleak as a result...