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Sunday, September 17, 2023

AU: Dark Academia Librarian & Bookworm

Getting to be a Dark Academia Librarian & Bookworm was more of an ordeal than I would have ever imagined it'd be, but at least it happened regardless. The long-time wish of being transported there has been fulfilled!

In an alternate universe, there is a school. Art, philosophy, math, and more subjects are taught there. However, it is haunted. Both benign and malign spirits (along with demons that may or may not be on your side) roam around. You may get used to it and manage to exist and coexist with these entities' presence. But you may as well be divinely protected and able to go through the motions unscathed and unbothered. And if harm does get to you, chances are you can soon recover.

Certain items could be of significant help, holding wondrous power. You must learn to recognize them, collect them, and keep them with you. And when necessary, activate them.

 EDIT (10/6/2023):   Changed to include different and more pictures and information.