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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Setting Priorities

Yes, setting priorities is important. You may have heard it countless times. But are you taking it seriously enough? Do you know what it entails?

Setting priorities can keep you on track, focused, efficient, and productive. Managing yourself, your energy, your time, and your resources. Furthermore, it can make you fair and just. Tending to what is the most deserving or of most importance first. 

And it doesn't end there. It can sink into your subconscious and serve as a guide that signals you, in one form or another, whenever you're straying or missing the mark. You may suddenly be inexplicably reluctant or, alternatively, eager about something. For example. And if you happen to be the kind of person who is mostly guided by your gut, your intuition, or even your feelings, it can be to the degree where symptoms would come up that keep you from doing what runs counter to what you have "programmed" yourself to prioritize. You would have to thoroughly think about it to see where it is all coming from.

In a way, this is why there is some truth to what has come to be known as "attracting" and "manifesting" upon setting intentions. If you set priorities, which could be considered intentions, and they become firmly and deeply ingrained, they could set you on the path toward them and, consequently, your "reality" will be responding and shifting in accordance with that. You could see it in a mystical sense. But it is mainly physics.

So, indeed, setting priorities IS important. Much more than one would initially notice or realize. It will dictate how you behave, whether you are aware of it or not. Therefore, you MUST take the time to figure out and lay out what your priorities are.

It is possible to have them jumbled up and out of line with what is best for you. In fact, that is extremely likely. You should be honestly questioning them and doing your best to rearrange them in a manner that serves your highest self, your life purpose, or just your best interests within a situation. You will get them wrong, over and over again, so you should continue to revise them as you go on. Until they finally fall into place as they are meant to and can be relied upon for a period or for what remains.

You can start simple and small. What should your priorities be for the day? For the week? For a month or more? What should they be for your breaks? And what about for whom you relate with, why, and how? And for your aspirations? So on for other aspects.

Your priorities also speak heavily on your character. What you choose and decide to prioritize, and in what order, ultimately forms the totality of who you are.