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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Putting your All into your Work

How intense is too intense? Should you really be cutting down and softening your edge? If you’re upsetting, unsettling, stressful, overwhelming, and more through your art, is that a sign to adopt moderation?

There are different answers for different circumstances and situations, but it definitely isn’t universal that your much is too much. Even when, indeed, there is objectively a lot to handle, it is still relative to the recipient’s capacity to handle it. Whether because they are currently occupied enough or because, by default, they don’t have a large threshold for what you’re bringing. 

And that’s not necessarily something to look down on others for. It is what it is. Some people have a high tolerance for a certain thing, while some people have a low tolerance for that same thing, and all that’s in between.

Being such, you must instead ask yourself what is truly important. Is the value you bring worth it? Even if not to everyone? What is poison to some, is medicine to others. And even medicine can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, painful also.

But the universe, the world, people, and yourself alone are enormous if you really look. You are free to choose which aspects and layers of yourself or of anything to reveal and share and, realistically, it can’t be all at once. However, be careful not to limit yourself into a miniscule fraction out of fear of offending and displeasing others. At least not if your aim is to make art.

Art, first and foremost, is there, with its numerous mediums, styles, and techniques, to serve as an outlet for what makes up life, in all its glory and splendor, as well as that which is not so admirable. Art is exploration, experimentation, experience, exposition and explanation. Less than that doesn’t make it full justice.

Yet, being able to take the time, energy, and resources to work on a piece of art of that degree is a luxury that few can afford or sacrifice for. Nevertheless, you can aspire to push the boundaries of what you can do at a rate that suits you.