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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Points on Appeal

 #1  Only a few things can appeal to everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better or worse than other things that only appeal to a majority, to a minority, and what is in between. And what seems to appeal to no one, may just not be in its time or place. 

 #2  By recognizing and playing to your greatest attributes, you gain an advantage that you would otherwise miss by downplaying them and trying to play up others that seem more appealing.

 #3  If you don’t know what is appealing about you or your work, search for it or make it from scratch.

 #4  If you do know what is appealing about you or your work, it makes sense to pay close attention to it and further refine it.

 #5  What is appealing about something or someone is not always blatantly obvious, it can be subtle - subdued even. Possibly leading to wonder what it is about them.