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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sexuality, Sensuality, Seduction

This topic goes in and out of being taboo. But at some point, it has to be pondered.

It is not uncommon for sexuality, sensuality, and seduction to find an outlet in art. And as natural as that is, with the universe and life expressing itself through us, it can still be met with resistance and rejection. And that is natural, too. There are numerous reasons for it.

As with other aspects of your work, they are not guaranteed to be welcomed by everyone. And in this case, in particular, it is a significantly risky and delicate matter. So it can require solid confidence to pull off and not be too shaken by its reception. As well as making sure that it is appropriate for the age range that it is directed at and the place(s) it will be at. Plus, it helps to be tasteful enough with it.

Nevertheless, while you can harmlessly explore and experiment with sexuality, sensuality, and seduction in works of art, it is important to note that the same harmlessness may not be returned to you. These are components that can evoke extremely intense reactions - against and in favor. And it is not too unlikely to arouse forms of obsession, too - to stop you or to keep you going.

If this is something that you will choose to do with your art, proceed with caution. Check your levels of comfort with it. You could try stepping out of your comfort zone to see if something goes with you and suits you. But if upon a few tries you are still uncomfortable, then it could be a sign to give it up. Some people are more open and inclined to share these sides of themselves than others, so it is more fulfilling and worthwhile to them. And if that is not you, that is okay. Furthermore, you may be getting ahead of yourself rather than honoring your pace, and that is why it doesn’t feel quite right although it eventually might.

Overall, the problematic implications of it are innumerable and debatable. Venturing and threading into this isn’t without its challenges. But if you are a responsible and sensible adult, then you can manage to take your chances.