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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Points on Substance

  #1  Using formulas and recipes to make art can result in something leaving much to be desired if not complemented with more of substance.

 #2  Having first-hand experience and being personally touched and moved by a topic or matter gives you plenty to extract from and put into your work. Hence, being open to experiences is usually advisable to artists.

 #3  Providing your own views, interpretations, and insight adds additional dimensions to your work and takes it closer to being unique.

 #4  Confessional and expressive works can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. But they’re some of the best for resonating and connecting with others on deeper levels. Potentially helping them heal, too.

 #5  Actively and regularly feed your mind, your heart, and your spirit with raw and great stuff. That’s the stuff to fill your work with.