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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Who Do You Attract and Repel?

Is there something wrong with you, causing you to attract the people that you do? Or quite the contrary? What is happening exactly?

You may fall under the impression or hold the belief that one attracts people who are like themselves. And there is truth in that, but it doesn’t end there. It is not that simple, it is more complicated than that.

You are a multifaceted person, capable of giving to others and capable of taking from others. And you will attract givers and takers, people who seek to complement you, people who seek to be complemented by you, and people who seek both. Depending on what you are abundant of and what you are in lack of, as well as how much access there is to either, you will attract them - for a wide range of motivations and intentions.

Furthermore, there are ways in which you will repel them. Mostly, your standards and your boundaries will keep people away. Those who don’t meet your standards and/or would rather trespass your boundaries. Whether they’re reasonably placed or not, is another matter.

You will also repel people who are not ready or who prefer not to receive from or give to you. If you make a want or a need known, you might scare away a few. And if you make an offer known, you might also scare away a few. However, this is all part of the process of finding who you can vibe with, with whom you can be in a mutually beneficial relationship with. And seeing who is only passing by, not meant to be close to you.

In general, people look for complements, or they look for similars, or they look for opponents. When they are looking for complements, consciously or not, they will be drawn to what can be shared - whether that is resources, growth, or something else. When they look for similars, they’re looking for easygoingness, something that won’t shake them up too much, something that they can flow with without too many ups and downs or surprises. When they look for opponents, they may be on a path of self-destruction (yet, destruction precedes creation), or they may be on a path of growth - aggressive, violent, radical growth.

What you reveal about yourself, or what is obvious or can be sensed or intuited, determines then what type of people will come into your life. And you can exactly pinpoint why they’re there if you pay close attention and get enough hints and clues for it. This will also lead you to get to know yourself better. Maybe there are aspects and details about yourself that you overlooked but others noticed. So it is an opportunity to take a look at yourself and see what is attracting or repelling different people.

We come into this world with gifts and may be fated to do a number of things while we’re here. And through the people that you attract or repel, you can come to realize what those things are, to lean on your gifts and your fate.

If you usually attract sick people, maybe you’re a healer. If you usually attract unsure people, maybe you're a sage. If you usually attract vulnerable people, maybe you’re a champion. If you’re currently attracting particularly kind and cruel people, then maybe you’re at a low point in your life or struggling in some way. And so on across countless dimensions of who you are and where you’re at.