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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Making Content Nowadays

If you have things you’d like to show or to say, making content, for current platforms and audiences, ahead are a few points to consider, keep in mind, and/or apply:

• I wish I could tell you that it is for everyone, but I don’t believe that. Especially as a full-time job. However, if sharing your input or what you can bring with others is something that fulfills you, you can definitely do it to the degree that suits you.

• Figure out what your Thing™ (or niche) is. Ideally, something you’re naturally inclined to and don’t get as easily bored of. If there is a single thing that you can focus on, and that is in high demand and low offer, that isn’t a passing trend, consider yourself fortunate and go for it. But it’s okay to have two or even three combined, especially if they complement each other in some way. More than that, it is not advisable, though can at times work. In any case, there is plenty that can come out of an area or mission.

• Pick a name. And at the very least, check to see if there’s a .com domain available for it (and purchase it, they usually start at US$12 per year). Make it something you can gladly stick with, but don’t worry too much about it. It can be changed in the future if necessary, although it has its cons.

• A tagline is optional, but can be useful to quickly and concisely encompass and display to others what you are and will be about.

• Get a website. It doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, in most cases, simple is better. And these days you can easily build your own with free or affordable templates. It can be with blogging products and services that allow enough customization. Check to see what is most convenient for you.

• Whether you’re a designer or not, you can have a say on your color scheme and the overall look and feel of your site and brand. Find or put together a color palette you can vibe with (darkest color, lightest color, in between colors). Pick up to 5 different fonts you can use (for titles, subtitles, regular text (this should be particularly legible), and more). Grab a personalizable logo or commission a unique one.

• Everything is multimedia now - if you want to get reach. This is a blessing and a curse. But even if you prefer text only, it is not the end of the world for you. You just need a decent smartphone and to get into the habit of snapping pictures and capturing footage. Slap the text over them if that is all that you can bring yourself to do. Canva and Clipchamp are handy tools that won’t consume you too much and still deliver. And if somebody tries to give you a hard time over the “low effort”, remember that readers also scroll down and swipe sideways through images and videos, and often enjoy a break from all the sensory stimulation. If you want to take it further than that, more power to you, but don’t force yourself to get it all perfect and grandiose from the beginning.

• BAD NEWS: If you think underground sassy mean girls and violent wild gangs are bad, get ready for something you might find even more insufferable. “Nice” people who will do anything in their hands to save face. Sounds harmless but they can get under your skin or make you waste a ton of time and energy, keeping you distracted while they delay or even sabotage your progress. All the while, they continue to make progress themselves.

• GOOD NEWS: Not everyone is like that. There are still real people out there who have others’ best interests at heart. They’re just less likely to show up as ‘suggested’ if you’re stuck on the side of the vain and shallow overachievers, with the algorithms constantly feeding you more of that.

• Be mindful of what you post. Not only for your safety, but also for your success. Unethical practices abound all around. Be steps ahead.

• If you’re used to tight-knit groups or communities full of solidarity, you’ve had it wonderful. But that is something that you cannot expect from everyone you will encounter. Many are primarily incentivized by profit and will only see you as competition, as a stepping stone, or as a threat, though they may pretend otherwise.

• Maintain a private or lowkey space for yourself if that is something that you enjoy or that keeps you centered and balanced. Making your entire existence belong to the public can have destructive effects on you.

There are plenty of sources available that can help you out if you get lost or discouraged, you just have to look for them. And I’ll be here, slowly but surely (unless I die, become severely ill, am kidnapped, etc.), continuing to post content that could be of aid in certain aspects. Expanding and elaborating more on all of this.