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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Points on Radiance

 #1  If you are a being of light, you will inevitably irritate those who carry darkness that they’d rather not acknowledge. They will resist your illumination and even fight against it. 

 #2  Being luminous is a lonely, difficult, and hard job. Especially if you are surrounded by people who would rather remain blind. 

 #3  Your radiance may evoke envy and more. You may be tempted to tone it down. But this does a disservice to you and to others who would instead be inspired by it.

 #4  Your glow comes from genuine traits, values, principles, and other qualities that you possess, whether learned or inherited. As you heal, develop and evolve, you will emanate more light.

 #5  Some of the worst people come into your life when you’re at your best and brightest. And if you’re careful, they will bring you down with them. These are takers that approach while you’re being a giver, or simply seen as such or capable of such.