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Monday, March 20, 2023

The Zodiac

You've heard of astrology, of the zodiac and zodiac signs, right? Who could believe in such nonsense? Well, whether you believe in it or not, there are a few undeniable facts in regards to it:

- It has an intriguing and fascinating system that is complex and intricate, composed of various symbols and meanings to interpret hollistically.
- It gets you to look into people's traits and behaviors, your own and others' (whether they match or not), and to ponder about how they possibly came to be.
- It frequently comes up both in fiction and in reality, vaguely or precisely, inaccurate or accurate, off base or spot on.
- Some bits may be relatable and resonate, which can be insightful and lead to greater awareness and comprehension or simply be something to (harmlessly) identify with.
- It can be and is used in art to represent abstract and concrete concepts, notions, ideas, and more.

So, if this appeals to you, might as well be informed on what it is all about. Avoiding the pitfalls of assuming or pretending that taking a glance at the signs automatically grants you the knowledge of everything someone or something holds and becoming insufferable as a result.

Because I do enjoy exploring this topic, I am dedicating a section to it that I will periodically fill (adding more and more to it over time). I'll start with the basics, pointing out a few things each month, and continue on to more advanced, meticulous, and/or elaborate content with each cycle.

However, if astrology intensely interests you, I recommend reading more about it from various other sources while I bring in my input and additions at my pace.