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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tropical Spring Day Walk

Turns out I really enjoy watching walking videos. Or at least have them playing on the side while I work or do other things. So I'm making my own!

Going with the seasons and visiting some of my favorite places where I live, this is the start of a series. It is a part of my Wellness category and its Therapy subcategory since, for real, a change of scenery helps (more so if you can actually go for a walk yourself, which I encourage).


Along with these videos, I'm adding a handful of shorts with short messages as reminders to go with them. Extracting clips I liked from the same footage.

“Endings can be hurtful and painful,
when and after they happen.
But beginnings can be promising,
and bring more than you’d imagine…"

“Give yourself the time you need.
To break out, to let go, to grow and evolve,
and to be restored…”

“Worry not about what you’re not
and cannot be.
Tend to yourself instead
and be revealed…”

I enjoyed making these, so I'm happy to continue the series in between other content!