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Sunday, April 28, 2024

As a Tortured Poet…

I am sooo going to join into the universe of The Tortured Poets Department! Just you wait.

For now, let me just go on about how much I love how Swifties make events out of releases and more. Dressing up, tidying and decorating, making and/or getting snacks, in accordance with whatever the theme is. I believe and am fully convinced that that is one of the best things you can do for your life - especially since budget isn’t really an issue and you can spend as much or as little on it as you will. Celebrating is an important part of life and without it’d be bleak (take it from me, a post-nihilist who learned it the hard way). So never feel sorry or silly for throwing parties if they make you happy and aren’t harming anyone.

Yet, it doesn’t even end there. Too many people like to assume that there’s no depth to being a Swiftie. But have you met a Swiftie? They. Are. Insane. They can be keen investigators that leave no stone unturned, connecting dots, forming theories, and getting to the bottom of it all. Insatiable. Taking things at face value? NEVER. There must be a hidden meaning somewhere. Double or multiple meanings. And numbers, can’t forget numbers! Following any clue, real or apparent, and Taylor continues to leave them for us. It’s the art of being secretive but not completely private. And we love the intrigue and the fascination that it all brings.

You may be concerned that it is being taken too far, as if it is some sort of cult. But that really depends. It is a hobby that can get obsessive, yes, but everyone is still free and in control of how they spend their time and energy. Some of us are just that intense and are thus pulled to that kind of intensity, but we can manage it and remain sane (enough). As for children and people who cannot quite or yet handle it? Here’s a friendly (though exasperated) reminder that artists are not here to be your sole caregivers and do all the raising that you require. Artists are here to make art. A few are generous enough to guide you through some of it, but they are not obligated to (and it can defeat the purpose of the piece(s)).

Taylor Swift’s artistry is impressive, in my (not humble, not arrogant) opinion. But what got me about her from the beginning and still does is how that doesn’t seem to be her #1 priority. And ironically, she still got where she is. More than anything, she is someone expressive who tells stories that people can relate to, feel validated by, live vicariously through, or rack their brains trying to understand. She’s always been brilliant to me in that regard. So often people expect a pop star, but I keep seeing somebody who is genuinely curious and devoted to their craft - while still making it big. So whenever people accuse her of being less than that, I have to keep myself from pointing out all the genius moves she pulls. Let them underestimate her. That works in her favor too! And amazingly, all of it without losing her humanity. She is a 100% worthy of being the icon that she is.

I didn’t think much of her and her music when I first heard it. It wasn’t what I normally listened to at the time, but I enjoyed it and kept listening to it. Next thing I knew, it was getting me through my dreary, often harsh, existence. And today, as another tortured poet, I can sincerely say that, oddly, it is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. I literally cannot tell you just how much exactly, but it’s true.