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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sepia Colors

Beyond primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as seen on The Color Wheel, another selection of colors that stands out is the group of brown and brownish colors. They can fall into the category of sepia colors.

Sepia colors are characterized by earthy and sandy tones, whether dark or bright, tending toward yellow or red hues, not too saturated. They usually resemble what is old, as their shades invoke memories of antiques and worn-out items. But most of all, they can be considered "grounding".

With the wide range of sepia colors that can be chosen for a piece, there is plenty that can be successfully done with them. Besides replicating the past and all the sense of sentimentality that comes with it, it can also facilitate a sense of what is solid, which may be accompanied by a sense of safety, which can also bring a sense of comfort - and even coziness.

Not everyone is a fan of a brown palette, as there are both pleasant and unpleasant associations to it and some would fixate on the latter. Mud, dirt, and more that can be gross. Plus reasons other than that. Yet, that again circles back to how humbling it is, putting you in touch with the realities of practicality and what is in practice. 

Regardless, you can also just focus on the appreciation of the small pleasures in life, such as coffee and chocolate. Cherished photographs and handwritten letters that have been kept for decades. Tree houses and wooden wands or staves in the backyard. 

They are colors rich in attributes that can be applied in several settings.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI