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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Complementary Colors

More that can be seen on The Color Wheel are the colors that sit across from each other as complementary colors. 

When a color is facing another from the other side of the wheel, it is considered a complementary color to it. Complementary colors are those that differ precisely enough from the other, left and right, to possess what they lack and be then their complement. E.g. Yellow is a complement to purple and vice-versa.

Complementary colors bring balance to a composition. Though they may be tricky to combine in just the right amounts, and in just the right spots, for them to add to and bring out the best in each other rather than fight for attention. This is a sort of partnership that stands out as peculiar yet enhancing. As with Contrast in Colors, complementary colors can be eye-catching when together despite and because of their differences.

It's not unusual for artists to work with complementary colors - and be known for it. This is yet another of the clever ways to work with color that yield impressive and memorable results.

Again, as with Adjacent Colors, depending on your preferences, the impression and impact you aim to make, and the meanings you aspire to convey, you could decide on a set of complementary colors as your go-to palette. Or switch them up as you go.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI