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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Hello, Newcomer!

One month into what I’d call a new cycle, I’d like to make a quick recap of what you’ve missed if you’re a newcomer along with a few points on what you should know.

This is still in the early stages and I’ll probably keep saying that for a while! I have long-term plans for what I’m doing so, next to what I’ve visualized and am aiming for, this is still messy preparation. It’s like arriving at a party while it’s still being set up. Can’t expect optimal hosting yet, but you’re extra appreciated for helping out or simply being patient.

I may seem strangely unbothered by my lack of audience (we are still just a few), but I’m not really in a rush for a wide one (I’m not an example to follow if you are). I started this with the intention of eventually reaching “mini-me’s” who are struggling with what I’ve struggled (people similar to me and on a similar path but who are a little behind in aspects of it). However, it seems that I’m currently in a period of honoring my ancestors and heeding their guidance instead. Yet, I have so much faith in all of it because I’m certain that, if you’re art-obsessed like me, sooner or later, one way or another, we’ll be in a carefully crafted universe that is worth every second.

Then again, I still exhort you to have other sources of content for your needs and wants as I cannot cover them all now or ever. I’ll keep occasionally curating those I can deem trustworthy or at least worthwhile, but you should still go after what you require to keep going forward. Also, limit or moderate your consumption of my content if and when it is counterproductive to you and where you are (get back to more of it when that’s no longer the case).

There are times when I would like for things to move along faster, but maybe this is running on divine timing and rushing it would defeat the purpose. What do I know as a mere mortal? Admittedly, it’s like I’ve dodged a few bullets already. Sometimes what you believe you want is not what you need. And I’m currently happy to be working toward my goals with various types of support from people I’d gladly be grateful and reciprocal toward.

As usual, if you have any concerns, you can let me know and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do about it that’s still in alignment with my mission.

Be warned, though, I don’t promise eternal and constant pleasantness. I only promise to persistently strive to be and remain authentic. This means that there will be ups and downs, steps back and then forward, and a range of thoughts and feelings. Which, in my opinion, leads to some of the best art and you can take it as an invitation to allow yourself the same. As long as it is not seriously detrimental to you and/or to others, it’ll be fine. I do value some degree of safety and stability, though, so I’ll give notice and take precautions whenever I can.

Furthermore, don’t let my invisibility deceive you. I’ve been online since mIRC days, observing (and often discussing) online behavior across the web. I’m not as naive as I look. Nor are those closest to me.

Lastly, you’re more than welcome to become a regular if your intentions are good. I don’t consider myself too strict, but users and abusers might disagree. Nevertheless, if this place feels right for you, then I’m glad you found me and are around!