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Sunday, April 28, 2024

B&W Colors

While the chromatic colors lie in The Color Wheel, the achromatic colors exist outside of them. These are black, white, and the wide range of grays between them. Which, often, are noted as "technically, not a color". (But for the sake of easy communication, let's call them colors too.)

Black and white colors blend with each other to create grays but can also blend with other colors, making them darker or brighter. Although other colors can also lighten up or down, black and white do so more simply. Any color you add white to will be brighter and any color you add black to will be darker.

The B&W palette, in itself, doesn't fall short in works. What it lacks in color it makes up for with what it can specifically evoke, whether it has gradual grays or not. In the absence of other colors, it can direct our attention toward shape and form, along with illumination. Furthermore, it can make us wonder more about what is presented. Which colors could and would go there if not placeheld by gray tones? The eeriness of it can be as profound as it is elevated.

Soulful artists are no strangers to the value and the effects of this palette.  

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI