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Monday, April 29, 2024

I was Tame, I was Gentle...

I went into The Tortured Poets Department universe after all!
Or at least let a character come alive in one of my imaginings of it. ♪ So all you kids can sneak into my house with all the cobwebs ♪

I can be at peace, at last, having immortalized in photographs some of my favorite clothing items before I lose them or completely wear them out. The stockings were a quick buy and they accidentally ripped as I hastily put them on, but it fits the aesthetic better that way, putting the "tortured" in "tortured poet". And I got new curtains for this shoot, but ended up using old ones as they give more of a "dusty attic" atmosphere. So I can pretend it's one of the secret hang-out places. There are also flowers in my jewelry and in my fabric. I wanted to bring them in as part of spring, without detracting from the gloom of it all, since it's the season when TTPD was released.

And look who's here! I kid you not, this black cat showed up the other night and I wasn't expecting it at all. It roams around here now. ♪ So I leap from the gallows and I levitate down your street. Crash the party like a record scratch as I scream: Who's afraid of little old me? ♪

Lastly, what are you most tortured by or what tortures you the most? For me, it's a few different things, but willful ignorance is definitely among them. My own and others'. ♪ Is it a wonder I broke? ♪