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Friday, May 3, 2024

Art that Makes a Difference

Had a long period of being nonchalant, indifferent even, about famous artists whose work I loved because, "Um, celebrities, yeah, whatever..." So my appreciation was more directed toward merely the fact that something happened to be made (through and by them) that turned out to be of great importance to me and could reach me while I most needed it. And even if they didn't go out of their way for me and were already getting plenty in return, I could still be immensely grateful for it, acknowledging that it could as well not exist, that they could have taken different (maybe easier) paths - but they didn't and went through what they had to for and because of it. I'm still always going to love more a person who actually knows I exist and cares for me in particular, but that doesn't negate that, at some point, all I had to get me through a dark time was, let's say, listening to a song from an artist I don't expect to ever meet or especially matter to. And I wouldn't know what was in their heart, exactly, when they made art for the public, but a genuine desire to help is not entirely impossible. So thank goodness for that!