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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Sense & Sensitivity

You may believe you can get away without them, perhaps overlooking how present they are in works, but it’ll probably catch on.

Maybe your work isn’t of the overly delicate kind, and that’s fine. But somewhere, somehow, you may benefit from having some degree of sense and sensitivity. They can tell you when something is off or in conflict. Furthermore, they can help you finely tailor stimuli.

It may not sound very compelling if you’re the type to steamroll over things or to leave things to chance. However, your perception will be greatly enhanced and, as a result, so will your art.

These may be talents in some, but they are also developable skills that anyone can have. At least up to a point. The first step is to relax and take a moment to allow yourself to notice details that you have overlooked.

They can be dimensions, layers, angles, connections, forms, tones, and more specifics. What is it like up close? And what is it like from afar? What if you turn it around? And what if you look at it from above or from below? How is it in relation to other things? And so on…

Beyond this, how is it affecting you? Is it affecting you at all? How and how much? What could that be pointing to? You may be numb to it or simply not be picking up anything too strongly yet. But it is in you to be open or closed to these sensations. Then, it is also on you to moderate it.