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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Points on Veneration

 #1  Veneration can put you in a vulnerable position, but it is not to be deemed unworthy altogether. Some things do elicit and deserve that level of appreciation and doing so can enrich you too.

 #2  What you venerate plays a major role in how your life will unfold. Doors will open and close based on it. And paths will hide or reveal themselves to you because of it.

 #3  Beware of those demanding unearned veneration. They are ruled by vices rather than by virtue. 

 #4  If you are venerated, you can feel the pressure to remain as you are or as you are doing. But true love for you and your work gives you room to roam.

 #5  Veneration as a goal can have you engaging in questionable behaviors. Taking it merely as a bonus (and in some cases as a means to a greater good) will have you better directed.