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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Points on Illusionment

 #1  Illusionment, besides being wishful thinking superimposed on reality, can be a form of denial or of escape. 

 #2  Illusions often are no more than delusions keeping you from uglier and perhaps harsher truths that you must face. However, at times, they serve to protect you from truths so cruel that you are better off without knowing until later on.

 #3  Illusionism is crafty work. It can be harmless, when its intent is to astonish. And harmful, when its intent is to deceit.

 #4  Mingling and switching, without fail, between illusory and candid realms denotes a vivid imagination paired with sharp senses.

 #5  Although it is noble and virtuous to seek truth in all, the power of illusions is undeniable when it leads to self-fulfilling prophecies that are rewarding.